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"Tamal Krishna Goswami" who was born Thomas Herzig. An unknown. Picked off the street by a saint and nurtured by his mercy. Now suspected of murder for gain. Ashes to ashes. Dust to the monkey. We all know Herzig's a power-junkie. Soon, he'll be hanging out in hell with an all time low.

The real catch is that Tamal has never been a devotee. No. He joined Iskcon after devotees found him hiding naked in the trees from where he used to spit down on people passing by... He was Kirtanananda's butt-kisser and as such Tamal always opposed and even obstructed Prabhupada. He tried to incorporate Iskcon, he supported false sannyasa, he broke down Radha-Damodar preaching Festival, dragged Bombay property case unlimitedly, made an horrible politics turmoil amongst US-temples, associated with bogus Gaudiya Math, was rude to devotees, made some people leave Iskcon and even commit suicide, etc, etc, so much so that Prabhupada ordered him to go away, far away to China, but Tamal plainly refused this order...

"What was going on in 1977 and what's still goes on now is quite simple - mundane asuric tactics for power-usurpation: be close to a real teacher for some time to cheat him you're his sincere servant (ie. infiltration), and at the right moment call the bonafide teacher bogus and tear him down by all means, and then proclaim oneself a new teacher, and jump into his seat before anyone else! The fastest runner is a winner! That's all seen many times, and repeats again and again, same old scenario describing the atheism and its affairs since time immemorial.

History shows clearly how Tamal was never a devotee, what to speak of being a sincere SP' student who's ready to listen to and carry on his Guru's orders... He never had genuine respect for his Guru, because he wanted SP position in order to mispresent Vaishnavism and destroy SP teachings and legacy. Tamal rather hated Prabhupada and all sincere Vaishnavas. It appears this proud atheist was sent to Iskcon by someone, infiltrated to destroy it, says logic when studied all historic facts... He was constantly under psychic pressure of his crimes, and it's no wonder Tamal had unconsciously revealed his real intentions many times in last 24 years, or his secrets had just leaked out due testimonies of other devotees who knew him well...

After changing his 'official' statements for several dozen of times, from 1977-2002, to confuse devotees and smokescreen and reinforce the cheap-looking GBC coverups, Tamal alone creates his image of an merciless dictator-like asura, a crazy guy who came into Iskcon, deceived everyone, and made a career by beating his oponents on the way by rudest means, all in order to gain a position which will ultimately enable him to remove Prabhupada, and then unchallenged go on with damaging SP' legacy and books all the way to the present days... It's ain't a paranoia that many devotees are convinced Tamal was sent to sabotage SP Mission... So, does such moron called tama-l (tama=darkness) deserve a mercy of being forgiven and down-promoted to the temple toilet-cleaner, as to atone for his blunders? No. Rather, he should leave his body being locked behind the bars, somewhere in the jail for murderers, where he really belongs to... And, this probably will happen to him, since 3 best devotee-lawyers are busy right now preparing the powerful case which is going to put rascal named Tamal behind the bars 'till the rest of his present lifetime, (at least)... Thenafter, Sri Yamaraja will receive him for a further treatment...

Whether we are right or wrong with our assessment, Herzig is definitely wrong. In the end, his idiosyncrasy for substitution, may have carried all the way to gurudom. Now he feels mentally assured in his role as a substitute for His Divine Grace.

For those unaware of Herzig's position within the Hare Krsna Society (ISKCON): He is currently a sect endorsed 'guru'. His ascension to this position has no precedence in Vedic law. Traditionally, devotees are trained continuously for twenty-five years before being considered instructors (what to speak of accepting disciples). Here are Srila Prabhupada's credentials :- Srila Prabhupada: "Oh Yes, my father trained me from childhood, yes. And then I met my spiritual master in 1922. In India 80 to 90% people are Krishna Conscious by family-wise. You see? So we were trained up from the beginning of our life." (Conversations, 681230 iu. la) And here are Herzig's credentials:- Srila Prabhupada: "I could understand you had no family love, anything. " (TKG's Diary. Page 75).
After only ten years of sporadic association with its founder, Herzig claimed (subsequent to the founder's demise) that he, along with ten others who had been appointed as representatives by the late acarya, were now acaryas themselves. Here's what he wrote:"But when the guru departs, sadhu and sastra can take on a new import, as those who succeed him become the new interpreters of past precedents, scriptural law, and the new set of circumstance."  (A Hare Krsna at Southern Methodist University (HKSMU) : 297. A book by Tamal Krishna (Herzig)). The others quickly agreed. However, it didn't quite work out. The representatives who claimed acarya/guru status proved to be gangsters and whoremongers:- "Jayatirtha das was found to be taking LSD and was guilty of sexual transgressions. Hamsadutta Swami, in a much publicised case, was discovered amassing weapons, and was also found to be sexually promiscuous . (HKSMU: 305)
Not long after, others were exposed for murder, paedophilia, and fornicating with the wives of their disciples. Instead of trying to save the society by reverting to the status designated by the acarya :- Srila Prabhupada:- "These eleven devotees are called "ritvik"--representatives of the acarya."(TKG's Diary: 112) Herzig attempted to grab the lot:-"Tamal Krishna Goswami,the leader of a large number of sannyasi and brahmacari preachers, had insisted that he was now their via media in relatingto Prabhupada and expected that his godbrothersfollow him absolutely."(HKSMU: 305). 
Now only four of the eleven appointed representatives remain. Of these, three are in limbo. More devotees live in exile than within ISKCON .  And what remains of the society is being cannibalised by others who also fly the guru kite. While ISKCON burns, Herzig fiddles:- "Indeed. Lord Caitanya had given an open order for all to "become a spiritual master and try to liberate everyone in this land."  But a succession of 'all' is a succession of none."(HKSMU: 289). Here's what Srila Prabhupada told Herzig only eighteen weeks before his passing: Herzig:"I told Prabhupada we had a meeting to further relieve him. But he was not impressed at all and said, "Problem is there is no brain." (TKG' Diary: 54).
Devotees witnessed as Herzig's 'appointed gurus' began to retrogress. Quickly brushing aside the 'anointed-appointed' concoction, Herzig replaced the fallen, with voices from his own encomium choir. The "New Zonal Acarya System" was born. It wasn't long before the 'Zonies' went twilight. Practicing celibates, went hardcore libido. To render this recurring danda problem impotent, Herzig created a hot-dog version of Vaisnavism: "The Multi-Guru-System" or "Gurus Inc" ; a virtual assembly-line of made-in-ISKCON gurus. The program now provides endless Fagans for ISKCON's unsuspecting Twists. But more importantly for Herzig, it further obfuscates the murder investigation by providing propaganda, allegiance, and bullet-proof protection via grateful 'gurus' who are all prot'eg'e party-liners. 
It seemed unbelievable that His Divine Grace, an empire builder, had left ISKCON without a mandate, and to a pod of resuscitated hippies led by Herzig. When crisis followed calamity, it became painfully obvious to all involved, the group were flying by the seat of their saffrons. Then, as if by divine decree, poison whispers were discovered on the 'Conversation Tapes' (and forensically verified). This led to the analysis and confirmation (by forensics) of arsenic in Prabhupada's hair-clippings (twenty times higher than average). Later it was discovered; the Will (which gave clue to motive) had been hidden, the "Final Order" had been smoke screened, and important audio tapes (which quite possibly contained vital dictates from His Divine Grace) had gone missing. Eye witnesses saw Herzig alone at the tape cupboard immediately after Prabhupada's passing. He was the 'secretary' and key-holder to all information.
The question most asked in connection with the demise of Srila Prabhupada is: "Why would anyone want to murder an elderly person affected by an advanced disease?" The answer to this question is incomprehensible for those disinterested in absolute power. Yet, if we understand that our own existence in the material world is due to envy of God's supreme position, then we can appreciate how envy of His Divine Grace wasn't much different. Furthermore, when we are made aware that Prabhupada wanted representatives not inheritors, and that he was making these thoughts known only shortly before his passing; murder becomes a reality.
The "inheritors" were expectant of the whole package. They wanted to be accepted on par with Prabhupada after his death. To be perceived to be as good-as-god. They wanted total control over the lives of others, just as they had given His Divine Grace control over them. It was tradition. It was parampara. It was their initiated right. But Srila Prabhupada had other plans. He wanted to do what his Guru before him had done; in that a body of commissioners would take care of what he had already put in place. No single person was to be acarya. And it was okay with Herzig, he could deal with that problem later (and he tried; read (9)* below). But when Prabhupada wanted disciples initiated on his behalf even after he was gone, it was too much. He had to be stopped and all  information relating to the dictate erased, or the inheritance would go.... 'up-the Ganga'. There never was a more temperate incubator to hatch a homicide.  

Those who know Herzig, know that he is freakishly power-hungry. So overwhelmed is he by a lust for power, that even he cannot contain it. No sooner had His Divine Grace been entombed than Herzig began to pump out patrimony propaganda. We have listed some of the claims and contradictions below (Note: The authenticity of the quotes ascribed to Prabhupada cannot be validated. They are all taken from Herzig's publications):-

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