Tamal Krishna Goswami died in a car crash

Report from Chakra, 15 March 2002 - http://chakra.org/2002/03/15/tkg.leaves.body/index.htm


Tamal Krishna Goswami Leaves Body

CHAKRA 15 March 2002 - Tamal Krishna Goswami left his body as the result of an automobile accident on the road from Mayapur to Calcutta this morning March 15, 2002. No further details are available yet.

Tamal Krishna Goswami was initiated by Srila Prabhupada in 1968 and served for many years as a GBC member. He preached Krsna Consciousness and established temples in many places around the world . He also served Srila Prabhupada as a personal servant and was with Srila Prabhupada during Srila Prabhupada’s last lila in this world. Tamal Krishna Goswami was also the author of several books including Servant of the Servant and TKG’s Diary. It was Tamal Krishna Goswami who came up with the idea of establishing Chakra in response to the need for an ISKCON-friendly website.

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Comment by Aruna das, Austria:

We are very happy to learn that Tamal Krishna Goswami has died in a car crash. Krishnas mercy! A day to celebrate.

We will all pray for him to get his due share in the court of Yamaraja for poisoning Srila Prabhupada and his Mission. Thanks Krishna, one demon less on this planet. Now let's get the other ones. They are cursed already. (Jayapotato und Charu Swami)

Actually Tamal died much to quick. He should have been crippled all over and continue to live as an invalid till his last breath.

This is a truely wonderful day of great joy and jubilation and we are touched by the mercy Krishna has shown to the suffering Vaisnavas by dispatching this demon to the court of Yamaraja :-)

On this auspicious day and in remembrance of Tamal Krishna Goswami, we would like to publish the following URL's of TKG:

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Feedback from: usa_acbsp@hotmail.com (USA_ACBSP)

>> Comment by Aruna das, Austria: We are very happy to learn that Tamal Krishna Goswami has died in a car crash. Krishnas mercy! A day to celebrate >>


This attitude and email was in bad taste, disrespectful and shows very bad character.

Even if TK poisoned SP, to relish his death is not at all in good taste, as it will only turn the vast majority off from hearing. Anyone who had any appreciation for TK's good qualities and services would only be infuriated by such an email - it won't work to enlighten anyone.

Personally, i am not fully convinced that TKG actually poisoned SP. But, I also think that 'maybe' he did.

I was totally shocked on hearing his death. It sent cold shivers all over me. Why? Because, now i fear only the worse fate lies ahead for Prabhupad's mission and followers. What is that? As long as TKG remained alive there was always the hope that IF and WHEN enough evidence was found to point at him as one who actually poisoned SP - and who pushed the guru system in, there always existed the possibility of him finally admitting it, which would then solve the issue for one and for all in a final and all-inclussive way. Only then could all of Prabhupad's followers re-unit under one banner and again Prabhupad's movement become united and strong again. But, with his death such a thing is now no longer likely or easily possible. And as a result the cold shiver the shook my body on hearing of his death is that the split in Iskcon is now fixed - for good.

The poison issue will remain now and forwever an unresolved issue - a major pin prick in our society - an unresolved dark cloud forever hanging over SP's disappearance. And, the guru issue along with it. There will now be 2-3-4 camps branching off and they will never see eye to eye, just as it was in the days after Mohammad's passing. There will be those who in future generations hold onto the views of one side who will not hesitate to take up arms and go to war and kill men, women and children of the other view. Both claiming to be followers of SP, one side believing he was poisoned by TKG - beliving that SP wanted the rtvik system and the other side demanding such people are Deviants - to be Banished and Abolished from the face of the earth... I am not joking. I am dead serious.

Today it is those who believe TKG's side, the GBC-guru system - opposed to the rtviks - who control virtually all of Iskcon's assets, the main temples, holy places, etc. And they are kicking out the rtviks, while it is they who should be kicked out. That is, if the rtvik side is right, which over the years i slowly came to the conclusion it is.

And, it is now virtually locked in - forever - to go on this way - never to be resovled, as it could have been if TKG had only come clean...

IF he were guilty - but that is the now virtually impossible to be proven for once and for all answer that will naw and naw on many... with virtually no way of reaching a final and absolute consensus or finding of the actual truth.

It was truly a sad day for me to hear of his death.


Comment: If someone is happy because of Tamal's death, he is of bad character, but Tamal, although saying that Srila Prabhupada is a senile old man and killing him with arsenic, he is of good character. Poor Tamal he died so unjust and innocently.

Oh boy - fer sure, you confused knuckleheads got it all upside down.

Madhavi dd quotes below the Bhagavatam that a saintly sadhu rejoices when a snake is killed. And Tamal was definitely more than a Snake. So shouldn't our joy be even that greater?

My only question is: Can innocent devotees who have bin victimised by demoniac Iskcon leaders also become demoniac by feeling happy when one demoniac abuser dies?

Krishna is the supreme controller, relieving the earth from all burden. So the House Cleaning has just started! Lord Krishna has made a judgement. Now the face of the earth has had some burden removed, let us rejoice, just as when Kamsa was transfered. After Kamsa got killed, everyone became very happy.


From: madhavidd2000@yahoo.com (Patricia Leveille)

It says in the Bhagavatam that a saintly sadhu rejoices when a snake is killed.

As for admitting, never, he never would have admitted anything. But it can still be proven. Why would Krsna arrange for the resolution never to come? I doubt that.

But I have to also say I was hit with a moment of compassion this morning when I suddenly felt an inkling of the future now in store for this errant soul.



Feedback from: akhilesvara2000@yahoo.com (Akhilesvara dasa)

>> Comment by Aruna das, Austria: "We are very happy to learn that Tamal Krishna Goswami has died in a car crash. Krishnas mercy! A day to celebrate."

Reply by Akhilesvara das: "I am most fallen and I am not hidden this fact. I still got enough intelligence to verbally dissociate myself from such ignominious advertisement in the name of KC. I am really surprised to find such individuals in either camp: Iskcon and other associations, without getting them openly denounced. Yes, I agree, you do it when they become your ennemies, but otherwise you tolerate them when they serve your cause. I am ashamed to find myself in the midst of such people.

It is a demoniac mentality and I have hard time to understand how KC can produce that in such a big number. --Ak


Dear Akhilesvara

I am very sorry if my remarks about Tamal Krishna Goswami's disappearance have offended you, please kindly forgive my ignominious comments.

You wrote: "It is a demoniac mentality and I have hard time to understand how KC can produce that in such a big number."

How and why KC can produce demoniac mentality in such a big number, I do not know. I am puzzled myself.

I always thought that KC produces love and devotion to Krishna, but perhaps in Isk con it is perverted reflected because of its homosexual paedophile leaders, bogus gurus, child and women haters and religious propagandists disguised as devotees.

For my defence I only can state that I am a product of the above. Perhaps if we would have had more KC Leaders and not abusers, I would not have had ended up as I am now. Perhaps I than would be more advanced like your good self.

My question is, how innocent devotees who have bin victimised by demoniac Iskcon leaders can become demoniac, by feeling happy when one demoniac abuser dies?

With all due respect prabhu I like to request you to kindly read the article below and than tell me that you still don't understand.

Aruna das


ISKCON Destroys a Whole Generation of Devotee's Lives...

I have so much pain in my heart.... So much pain and tears... If you could just see what you have done to me.. to us.... All in the name of worshiping Krsna.... Well now krnsna can kiss my suicidle ass! Cause that's all I think about is just ENDING my miserable life.... Everyday I have to find a reason why I should stay. I have nothing but you and all your Gurukul Vetren.

You've done some evil and just plain TERORizing things to me and to my godbrothers and sisters. I watched, i witnessed all the abuses......no exaggeration here Anutama. You are the spokesperson for a bunch of child molesters and control FREAKS. i have so much pain in my heart....so much pain and tears..

i sit here remembering all that anutama has said, all that ISCKON has done to me. i just want to die. why did you do this to me. why?

I am a product of all the glorious bull..... If there is a Krsna out there then He knows who I am..... where my heart is and where I came out of...... and I think He is much more merciful then we all think and He would understand my anger even if misguided threw teachings and abuse......

<< complete article here >>


From: zakheim@earthlink.net (Nathan Zakheim)

As far as Tamal is concerned,...... He is the equivalent of the "ANTICHRIST" or the "ANTI-ACHARYA".... He took birth to kill Srila Prabhupada, and by our lack of vigilance and willingness to believe that he was a conficential servant of Srila Prabhupada, WE ALLOWED HIM EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO HIM AT THE END.

It is not that Tamal is "just another guy" who joined Iskcon.....He always had his purpose, and Srila Prabhupada was well aware of it......Our only defense would have been such PURE DEVOTION on our parts, that there would have been a CROWD of devotees between Tamal and Srila Prabhupada at all times.

As the years "rolled by" Tamal crept closer and closer until he was there alone with HIM and did his horrible murder.

Your eternal servant,


Dear Puranjana, Pamho. Agtsp.
All glories to your service of exposing Isk cons bogus gurus.

Chakra has reported Tamal Krishna Goswami to be killed in a car crash, but I am wondering if anyone reliable has actually really seen Tamals dead body and can confirm his burial.

As long as I do not see his dead body in front of me, I don't believe it. It could well be an undercover staging for protection of Tamal to disappear from the scene. This wouldn't be the first staging exit.

I would be interested to know what the driver and the other occupants have to say, or what they saw. I would suggest that the witnesses be very careful. Some say that the car hit a truck. Others say that it hit a tree. Some reports say that no others died, while others say that at least one other occupant in the car did pass away. So what is the truth?

What about the death of Vrindavanesvari Dasi of Auckland, New Zealand, the wife of Kalasamvara Dasa and what about the account of Kalasamvara Prabhu, who was injured, but not severely.

In part, the truth that TKG's body was placed in a tomb before sundown as is the "tradition" and as was done with Goura Govinda das which I think would make it less posible to find out the whole truth.


From: Mahatma das - what does it mean?

My respects. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
What does the passing of TKG mean? To me it means many things and it raises many questions.

Since so many violent and or unfortunate things happen in and around ISKCON Mayapur, (some say Goura Govinda Das may have been killed there. Devotee commits "suicide" under suspicious circumtances. Some devotees have desappeared there or near there. Child abuse and molestation are very seriously suspected to have taken place there. Devotees have been beaten there. Bomb blast that appears to have been meant for ritvik Prabhupadanugas killed a person there. etc etc etc etc etc etc, many more things) one can't help but to think that maybe TKG may have been killed.

TKG due to his cancer could have been softening up and getting ready to talk about the poison issue and had to be dealt with? All that had to be done was to pay the driver a good sum. Perhaps unbuckle the seat belt and bingo? There is no choice but to wonder. If I was an authority, I would be very interested to find out what went on before entering the car. And what went on in the car just before the accident. I would be interested to know what the driver and the other occupants have to say, or what they saw. I would suggest that the witnesses be very careful. Some say that the car hit a truck. Others say that it hit a tree. Some reports say that no others died, while others say that at least one other occupant in the car did pass away. So what is the truth?

In part, the truth that TKG's body was placed in a tomb before sundown as is the "tradition" and as was done with Goura Govinda das which I think would make it less posible to find out the whole truth.

Maybe this means that TKG was simply pushing too much in the maya department, and Lord Krishna was so disgusted with that, that He simply had to teach him a lesson and remove him, so he would not cause more problems and suffering to others. Maybe it meams that Lord Krishna is saying: "those that think like TKG be careful" Like those that advocate replacing Srila Prabhupada with their rascal mentality. It may mean that it will help or make it more difficult to solve the poison issue.

This was a violent passing, which is not a best sign. It was in a street. It was provably dark outside. Kind of alone. No chanting of Hare Krishna most likely. Maybe all fell to sleep etc etc. We should try to find out.

I have always felt that IKCON leaders will have a turbulent life and not the best circumtances at the time of death. I have always felt that although we have to ask the Lord for an ardent desire to be used by the Lord to expose the "Narayanas" of ISKCON, I have also felt that we will hear about how Lord Krishna will directly take care (punish) the severe offender of His pure devotee, Srila Prabhupada.

I can't help but to think of TKG as a poor and unfortunate person. I can't help but to think that I would not like to be in his shoes.

The Lord had me once facing death. I could clearly understand that He was saying., surrender to me or I will kill you. It was a dark night out in the open. My pleading was., Please Lord, let me live and I will run to surrender to you. I often fear that if I'm not careful, Lord Krishna will not give me another chance. And I often wonder how so many Prabhupadanugas are so sure of themselves and so careless about Srila Prabhupada's instructions and so unappreicative and also offensive of the Godbrothers. There are low class cheaters that will even misquote Srila Prabhupada to "win."!! They are ready to replace Srila Prabhupada "now", with their own non authorized "both doors are open" replace Srila Prabhupada "philosophy." And of course they do not apologize!! Unfortunately we may see the same not best passing as TKG's, for reform members for their very low class ways. I hope I may not be one of them, although I know I'm not off the hook. I had a drean with Jayananda das prabhu the other night, but still none of us should be too sure of ourselves.

May we all be more serious and humble, and less crazy and low class, so the Lord may not have to punish us severely.

Srila Prabhupada ki jai!!
Sincerely, mahatma das


From: krishna@krishna.org (Madhudvisa dasa)
Subject: Re: Calling a Snake a Snake
Date: 03-16-2002

Hare Krishna! All glories to Srila Prabhupada! Please accept my humble obeisances.

I completely agree with what you said and that Tamal was certainly a demon. But somehow Srila Prabhupada engaged him in a lot of devotional service as well. He made so many new devotees. Even Gauridasa Pandit Prabhu was made a devotee by Tamal. He never would have joined otherwise [at least not at that time].

So many devotees, in one way or another, have a debt to Tamal. He distributed a lot of books and the people who got the books became devotees.

Now Krishna has taken him out of the picture so the problem is solved.

We got many comments by the ISKCON types and of course they can not understand how Tamal is a demon. And who knows? Prabhupada really did seem to be very greatful for the service that Tamal and Kirtananda and Hansadutta and the other "big guns" rendered to him. Maybe Prabhupada has forgiven Tamal?

Who can know? Who can say where he went?

Anyhow I have taken the article off (Tamal Krishna Goswami's Disappearance), as everyone is in the mood of remembering his good points. And he did have a few good points... And I am sure Krishna is rectifying his bad points as we speak now...

So now the whole attempt to bring Tamal to justice can end. Krishna has brought him to justice and Krishna is dealing with him in whatever way He considers Tamal deserves.

So we can forget about him now and get on with the positive preaching.

If he did poision Prabhupada he is getting what he deserves now and if anyone else was involved in the poisioning they will also get it in due course. It is not necessary for us to try and punish them.

If we could just somehow cooperate and work together to get the book distribiution, preaching and Hari Nama sankirtana going again on a grand scale that would be wonderful...

All glories to your service. Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!
Your servant, Madhudvisa dasa


Remembering Tamal Krishna Gosvami
by Madhudvisa dasa

There is no place for revenge in Krishna consciousness and one of the qualities of a Vaisnava is forgiveness. And particularly at the time of a devotee's disappearance the animosity should be put aside and we should be praying that Tamal will go back home, back to Godhead. We do not want to make any offences but at the same time we have to use a little intelligence also. We can not be sentimental fools and tell a whole lot of lies about Tamal Krishna's life.

Remembering some of Tamal Krishna's activities is a very emotional and painful experience for many devotees including myself. Under Tamal Krishna's management ISKCON has gone from the huge poweful organization Prabhupada left us to almost nothing today. Now there are virtually no regular chanting parties and practically no book distribution and most of the temples are almost empty and ISKCON is being attacked by so many court cases. So it is not a good testimony to Tamal Krishna's management. One has to know "when there is smoke there must be fire." And there is a lot of smoke around Tamal Krishna...

ISKCON has been transformed from the vibrant, ecstatic, powerful and pure organization Prabhupada established into something that is not much more than a pile of smoking ashes. And Tamal Krishna was one of the main architects of the policies that converted ISKCON into a pile of smoking ashes...

Devotees feel very deeply about this and it is very painful for them to see Prabhupada's movement in such a condition.

At this point Krishna has decided to remove Tamal from the scene. It is a relief for many devotees including myself because among other things Tamal was the leader of ISKCON's "war against the ritviks." He had a personal vendetta against me and was determined to destroy me and stop me from preaching also.

Tamal’s "war against the ritviks" was very unjust and because of it I am banned from every ISKCON temple in the world and I am forced to preach seperately from ISKCON. If I go to an ISKCON temple I am blasphemed and often bashed by the temple authorities and devotees. And what is my "crime?"--I have accepted Srila Prabhupada as my guru.

Tamal had dedicated his life to destroying anyone like me who has accepted Srila Prabhupada as his guru and realizes that Prabhupada is still living. He was trying to prove no one can have direct access to Srila Prabhupada now. He wanted me to believe that Prabhupada can not be my guru at all... His idea was the only way I could become Krishna conscious is if I took initiation from a GBC approved guru... His philosophy was Prabhupada can no longer accept disciples because he is dead...

This idea is completely false and completely against the teachings of Srila Prabhupada. Prabhupada said "I am living in my books." Prabhupada is not different from his books, his vani. He is living in his vani and we can all personally associate with him through his vani and he can also initiate us into the chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra through his books.

As a result of the offences to Srila Prabhupada and so many of his disciples Tamal's "war against the ritviks" has created ISKCON is burning up in an ocean of offences.

So we are glad that Tamal has been taken away by Krishna as he attacked anyone who accepted Srila Prabhupada as his guru in such a terrible way and encouraged other ISKCON leaders to do the same thing. But at the same time we are hoping that Tamal goes back home, back to Godhead. We have all good wishes for him, we have forgiven him for his attacks, but still we are very glad that Krishna has taken him away.

It is difficult to comprehend the scale of Tamal's activities and the number of Srila Prabhupada's disciples he offended. We praise him for his great service to Srila Prabhupada in the early days but we can not help but remember his offences to Srila Prabhupada and his godbrothers in more recent years.

In 1977 Tamal hid Srila Prabhupada's orders to continue the already existing ritvik initiation system after Srila Prabhupada's disappearance. Instead he introduced the "zonal acarya system" which falsely elevated 11 unqualified men to the position of acaryas who had to be accepted as being non-different from Srila Prabhupada and who had to be worshipped even by Srila Prabhupada's disciples as if they were their guru. If any disciple of Srila Prabhupada refused to worship the "acarya" in his area as his guru Tamal declared he was a demon, an offender and the "demon" was at least thrown out of ISKCON and severely blasphemed by the temple authorities, many times he was bashed and sometimes killed...

Everyone --even ISKCON and the GBC-- today agrees that Tamal's "zonal acarya system" was completely wrong and against the teachings of Srila Prabhupada and they admit the whole thing was a great mistake. But there are only two options. Srila Prabhupada appointed acaryas or Srila Prabhupada appointed ritviks. And everyone agrees Srila Prabhupada did not appoint acaryas.

Tamal's impact on ISKCON and on the lives of many of his godbrothers was devastating. And you can not expect us to forget that.

I would encourage you to read www.krishna.org/ISKCON/WHTTHK/ It is my considered opinion on "What Happened to the Hare Krishna's."

Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!
Your servant, Madhudvisa dasa


Tamal Krishna Goswami Passes Away
VNN WORLD March 15, 2002   http://www.vnn.org/world/WD0203/WD15-7218.html 


At approximately 7 a.m. local time, His Holiness Tamal Krishna Goswami left his body after sustaining injuries in a car accident. He was traveling in a taxi with two devotees, bound for the Calcutta airport after leaving Mayapura at 4:15 in the morning.

Vrindavanesvari Dasi of Auckland, New Zealand, the wife of Kalasamvara Dasa also passed on. She was born on this date, March 15, in 1961. Kalasamvara Prabhu was injured, but not severely. The status of the taxi driver is not yet known.

The taxi had driven approximately halfway to Calcutta before the accident occurred. It was reported that the driver ran into a tree while trying to avoid a truck on the road. Tamal Krishna Goswami, Vrindavanesvari dasi, and Kalasamvara were taken to the Anulia Hospital in Ranaghat.

Announcements were made at the Mayapura temple shortly after the accident, and several carloads of sannyasis and godbrothers rushed to the hospital. At the temple it was initially reported that Tamal Krishna Goswami and other devotees were unconscious from the accident. Tamal Krishna Maharaja's and Vrindavanesvari Dasi's passing on was announced at approximately 7 a.m.

The accident occurred at Phuliya, near Shantipura, about sixty kilometers from Mayapura. This very sacred place is mentioned several times in the Caitanya-caritamrita in connection with the pastimes of Srila Haridasa Thakura. Phuliya is the place where Haridasa Thakur lived in a cave and chanted 300,000 names of Krishna daily. There Haridasa also resisted the temptation by Maya, and this is also where he was beaten in twenty-two marketplaces for his devotion to the holy name.

All seminars and courses in Mayapura have been cancelled for the day. The devotees will be holding kirtanas and glorifying Tamal Krishna Maharaja in special meetings throughout the day. Speakers have noted that today is the anniversary of the disappearance of Jagannatha Dasa Babaji Maharaja and Rasikananda Prabhu.

During a mid-day session of remembrances by senior devotees, Kesava Bharati Prabhu read from Tamal Krishna Goswami's will, which had been forwarded by phone from Dallas, Texas. In the will, Maharaja had stated that he wanted his body to be placed in samadhi at Govardhana; but he specified one alternative, namely, that if he were to pass away in Mayapura, then his body should be placed in samadhi in Mayapura.

"Tamal Krishna Maharaja was a great pioneer," said GBC Chairman Giridhari Swami, a close friend of Tamal Krishna Goswami's. "He led the society and the preaching for Srila Prabhupada. He served on the first GBC body. He was empowered to purchase the first land for Mayapura, he infused energy into the book distribution in America through the Radha-Damodara party, and he was the first to go to China."

"Maharaja had not been to the Mayapura annual meetings for several years because he had taken a leave of absence from the GBC to complete his doctorate work," Kesava Bharati Prabhu said. "Every evening after the meetings this year, a large group of devotees, including many sannyasi godbrothers such as Niranjana Swami, Radhanath Swami, Sivarama Swami, B.B. Govinda Swami and Jayadvaita Swami, packed into his rooms and chanted together for a couple of hours. Tamal Krishna Goswami was absorbed in a mood of relishing the chanting in the dhama. Just as he was leaving this morning, he spoke to me again about this chanting. He said that kirtana is so wonderful; it is the way to purify our hearts and solve many problems."

Tamal Krishna Goswami was completing his doctorate work at Cambridge University. According to Ravindra Svarupa Prabhu, Maharaja was completing the last chapter of his Ph.D. thesis, which is about Srila Prabhupada. He was serving as the Governing Body Commissioner for Taiwan, China, the Philippines, Fiji, Texas, Mayapura and Calcutta. He was the author of several books on Krishna consciousness. He was 55 years old.

"A prominent limb of Srila Prabhupada's legacy has left the world," said Radhanath Swami. "The list of Tamal Krishna Goswami's accomplishments is so vast; he was empowered by Srila Prabhupada to accomplish many difficult, difficult tasks."

Submitted by Anuttama Dasa
ISKCON Communications Minister


My dear Anuttama Dasa

You may try as hard as you like to depict the death of Tamal Krishna Goswami as an auspicious passing away near the holy Dham, by describing the pastimes of Srila Haridasa Thakura, but you utterly failed. Please stop talking nonsense.

If someone dies violently in a freak car crash, that is never auspicious nor holy, but it is the reaction of a sinful character reaping the fruits of his accumulated karma, namely a violent death for a violent person.

Tamal Krishna himself lectured that car crashes are very inauspicious and not meant for a devotee, then he gets into a car crash himself. By his own admission he disqualified himself of being a devotee. A good auspicious reaction would have been life-increasing, not life-decreasing or even life-ending. A pure devotee does not die in a car crash.

1) This was a violent passing, which is not a best sign. 2) It was in a street and Tamal was smashed in a public thoroughfare (a road kill). 3) In a coma without the capacity to chant the Holy Name. 4) Removed from the birthplace of Caitanya Mahaprabhu. 5) Maybe all devotees fell to sleep being tired, therefore NO chanting of Hare Krishna most likely. 6) No kirtan. 7) No deities. 8) No photograph of Guru or Gauranga. 9) Died in an Indian hospital while in a coma. 10) Not being able to hear the holy Name in the hour of death. 11) Not being able to say good bye.

Tamal Krishna was so sinful he was not even allowed to die inside the holy Dham of Mayapura. He was driven out by Krishna on the main highway direction Calcutta to end his life there. You, yourself has stated: "The taxi had driven approximately halfway to Calcutta before the accident occurred." So his dead body should not be brought back to and be buried in Mayapura. This would be an offence to the holy Dham. Mayapur Dham clearly does not want him there. Normally devotees do understand the indications of destiny. Perhaps Tamals dead corpse should have been thrown into the holy Ganges at Calcutta (his destination) to get purified.

That Krishna has finally killed Tamal in an car crash is easy to understand, if you consider how many innocent devotees where killed through Tamal and his agency (GBC) including his own guru.

Tamals death is Krishnas causeless mercy. It is all about re-action. Tamal just got what he deserved. His bad Karma finally caught up with him. Remember, everything is arranged by Lord Krishna, even Tamals violend death in a freak car crash was thus arranged to relive the earth of a bad burden. But now you are trying to tell us that Tamal has gone back to Godhead, not on a golden chariot, but the back of an Indian truck. How stupid. The only way one can hide the truth is by oozing the foolish sentiment we see in your article and propagated by fanatic followers.

If Tamal Krishna was such a pure devotee, being in communion with the Supersoul, than why Krishna didn't warned him of his imminent death, so he could prepare himself. Why Krishna didn't instruct him on how to utilise every second of his life, that was coming soon to the end? Why Paramatma didn't contact him? Why this so called pure Vaishnava didn't spend the last years of his life in complete surrender to Lord Chaitanya instructions? Why did Tamal go against Prabhupada's instruction and dedicated his last 6 years of life to go full time to the university, studying so hard for a mundane degree useless at the time of death? So much effort for a diploma or Maya decoration? Why he wasn't preaching around the world constantly, distributing pure love to God? How can anybody call his passing away auspicious? Wasting our last years of life to get a university diploma just to die afterwards can never be auspicious.

That Tamal Krishna has been buried now in Mayapur is the greatest offence. Not enough that Tamal is the main suspect in the poisoning of Srila Prabhupada, his burial opposite Srila Prabhupadas Samadhi is like Rahu trying to eclipse the Moon.

Why you people are always misinterpreting Anuttama das? Why don't you swallow your own philosophy? You did the same nonsense explanation on Ex-Harikesha Swami who is now happily f***ing his female massage therapist.

With all due respect, but you people must be crazy trying to make saints out of bogus gurus, murderers, homosexual paedophile leaders, child and women haters and religious propagandists disguised as devotees.

Tamal Krishna was a kali chela pseudo devotee, a religious propagandist with demoniac mentality who killed his guru to sit in his seat. Actually he was a Rakshasa. Kaviraja: dehhiye, bat hi hai, hi hoi rahshas ne diya ho. Translation: Look, this is the thing, that maybe some rakshasa gave him poison.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada
Aruna das

* Bill Of Indictment Against Tamal Krishna Gosvami ++



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