Tamal Krishna - The Main Suspect


Tamal Krishna Goswami: "Dear Readers, for quite some time rumors have been circulating that Srila Prabhupada was poisoned, murdered by his own disciples. I as his secretary have been the chief accused. Many of you might have wondered why I have not denied this charge if there is no truth to it. The reason is quite simple: I felt the most appropriate and beneficial way to do so was to publish my diary, "TKG's Diary," both in book form and electronically in the Supplementary VedaBase."

Nityananda das: Upon reviewing the colorful history of Tamal, we are left in serious doubt as to how much credibility should be accorded to his diary, accounts of Srila Prabhupada's illness, or the various interpretations of Srila Prabhupada's instructions. This is certainly the feeling of many past and present participants in ISKCON. One who keeps changing their position cannot be counted on as understanding things rightly and is perceived as a dishonest politician. Further, we are left to wonder about the motives and ambitions of a person who has had almost 30 years of political and controversial involvements in ISKCON, all too often being found at the forefront of yet another serious challenge to the Hare Krishna Movement he now purports to represent as a scholar.

In light of all this, one cannot but help wonder how Tamal has managed to do such great damage to his spiritual master's Mission. A demon on the outside would have been less dangerous.

It is not a matter of character assassination, but of character assessment, and that is required only in these unusual circumstances of a poison investigation. Otherwise these exercises are forbidden. Because Tamal is a suspect in Srila Prabhupada's poisoning, his history is very relevant, as it provides many clues as to possible motives. methods, and actions. This is the nature of a murder investigation.

Normally, matters such as these would not be proper to discuss publicly. However, there is no private forum in which to address these issues of Srila Prabhupada's poisoning and the suspected poisoners. ISKCON simply denies the very possibility of poisoning; there is no forum there. What to do but bring it to the public forum? It is an emergency. Sometimes the rules cannot be followed per se, but a creative route must be found to take.

Therefore it certainly seems justified in demanding Tamal Krishna Goswami to answer questions regarding Srila Prabhupada's disappearance, and other matters as well. He must be accountable for his actions, and. especially in matters of leadership, one must be prepared to answer to the followers when controversy and suspicion arises. Tamal Krishna Goswami is obliged to cooperate with the poison investigation. He is a suspect not by dint of his colorful history, but by dint of the evidence on hand. This author pray? that he can be cleared of suspicion and we can look towards other suspects.

The intent herein is not to discredit Tamal, but to try to understand who exactly was Srila Prabhupada's primary guardian, personal secretary, and foremost caretaker in 1977. It is unfortunately necessary to examine the suspects and their motives in a murder investigation. What can be done? We can try to maintain objectivity, if at all possible in such an emotionally disturbing challenge as to find out who's and why's of Srila Prabhupada's poisoning.

It is hoped that the suspects in the poisoning of Srila Prabhupada will cooperate with further investigation as proposed by this author. Specifically:

1. Agree to take lie detector and sodium pentathol tests.
2. Agree to be deposed for questioning as required.
3. Agree to provide documents and diaries as requested.
4. Agree to reverse speech analyses, tests on hair and teeth relics (Tamal)
5. Fully cooperate with the investigation.

This affair is not a pleasant one, but it cannot be avoided. With cool heads, let us proceed towards resolution of this matter as soon and as fairly as possible. Not to do so, in the opinion of some, would make us complicit in the crime by tacit approval. Knowledge of a crime, which this book and its evidence has established, requires appropriate action and not a turning away out of apathy, fear of intimidation, or due to vested interests.

This publication makes no accusations as to who poisoned Srila Prabhupada. Until we have solid proof, we risk committing serious Vaishnava aparadha (offense) in such accusations. Therefore we must proceed cautiously on this front. We know Srila Prabhupada was poisoned, but we do not know exactly by whom. Any suspicion that has been cast upon any individual in this book is due to the evidence. This author has tried hard not to cast any undue aspersions upon any individual, including Tamal Krishna Goswami. As in any murder investigation, sometimes innocent parties are suspected, at least until the guilty are identified and convicted by the evidence in a court of law. It is a big jump from establishing the crime, which this book does, to a legal conviction. Let's not forget this as we proceed with further investigation. Let us not jump to conclusions or accusations.

Nevertheless, there are primary suspects as a result of the evidence accumulated to date. Further evidence may exonerate or further implicate these suspects, or bring new suspects into the investigation.

Those presently under suspicion as possibly involved in poisoning Srila Prabhupada are: Tamal Krishna Goswami, Jayapataka Swami, Bhakticharu Swami, and to a lesser degree others who were present in Srila Prabhupada's room during those last months, such as Bhavananda, Hansadutta, Satadhanya, etc.

This author is not accusing any of these individuals of any crime. The evidence in this book, however, casts substantial suspicion on them. The whispers indicate at least 3 poisoners; Tamal and Jayapataka are quite clearly heard in some of the whispers. Jayapataka uses the poison word in "Poisoning for a long time," to which Srila Prabhupada answers, "To me?" Tamal and Bhakticharu were in charge of food and medicines. A review of all evidence relating to suspects is not given here, but is throughout this book.

Let us pray that the poisoners will be found out, indicted and tried in courts of law. If the suspects are neither cleared or convicted by the evidence, they should "honorably" resign their posts for the sake of the Mission.

All quotes from Nitynanda's book: "Someone has poisoned me"


Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj
posted 10-08-1999 08:26 PM

The Nara-Narayana das, who quizzes the statements of TKG in one of the previous posts, would do well to read all the posts here. Then he will see that the arsenic idea is taken from thin air, and understand that it was the makaradhvaj that did the trick. Apart from that, he poses a few good questions, but I would ask him not ta ask antagonising questions, because that could lead to acrimony and a further refusal to cooperate in this sorry state.

So we have to tread very carefully here. I have a few questions myself.

1. TKG, can you explain why SP was given medicine forbidden by the kaviraj, as he knew it would be poison to SP?

2. Can you explain why SP was given milk excessively sweetened, even after he complained about it?

3. can you explain why a third type of makaradhvaj was procure from Delhi kaviraj and why this was given to SP?

4. Can you explain why so LITTLE CARE was given, considering this makaradhvaj?

5. Can you explain why no tapes have been found in which SP allegedly asked you to give him something to disappear? You see, I cannot reconcile that SP, who is, according to his own statements in his books, no advocate of suicide, would have asked for it. I simply do not believe you when you state that he would have asked for meds to 'disappear.' So can you clarify that and show us the tape?

6. Why was SP given 3 types of makaradhvaj, again without the sanction of the kaviraj?

7. who administered the hot milk excessively sweetened?

8. Who administered the excess makaradhvaj and in what form?

Nathan Zakheim wrote:
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On behalf of Tamal Krishna Maharaj I would ask you to please post the following statement to all COM Users. Thank you.

[Tamal said:]

* Dear Readers, Please accept my most humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. For quite some time rumors have been circulating that Srila Prabhupada was poisoned, murdered by his own disciples. I as his secretary have been the chief accused. Many of you might have wondered why I have not denied this charge if there is no truth to it. The reason is quite simple: I felt the most appropriate and beneficial way to do so was to publish my diary, "TKG's Diary," both in book form and electronically in the Supplementary VedaBase.

This allows everyone the chance to judge for themselves what went on during Prabhupada's final pastimes. I also did not want to be drawn into endless debate with persons who are not actually interested in hearing facts that contradict their spurious theories.

NNV das: Once an allegation has been made, and when some evidence (even if the evidence is not compelling) is brought forward, IT IS THE LEGAL DUTY OF ANY CITIZEN AND CERTAINLY THE POLICE TO HOLD SOME SORT OF INQUEST TO DETERMINE IF "FOUL PLAY" WAS INVOLVED!

The word "spurious" assumes that without any investigation, that all allegations are false. If Tamal has nothing to hide, and if some question of poisoning has arisen, and if he is HALF AS DEVOTED as he claims to be, then WHY IS HE NOT HORRIFIED AND ALARMED THAT A POSSIBLE POISONER might have "slipped in" next to his and other's devoted care?

Jayapataka Swami has not discounted the possiblilty of poison. He simply says that if Srila Prabhupada was poisoned, it was done by the Gaudiya Matha. Tamal himself has suddenly "found" a CYA tape with Satsvarupa Maharaja that alleges that Srila Prabhupada wanted Tamal to play "Dr. Kevorkian" and do a "merecy killing" because Tamal says that Srila Prabhupada had said,"help me disappear". If Srila Prabhupada wanted to commit suicide as Tamal claims, then he (as a former pharmacist) was fully capable of obtaining some sort of poison and taking it to "help Him disappear".

(By the way, Srila Prabhupada would never use the word "disappear" in the first person! This is how the passing of a Devotee is describe by OTHERS! I DID NOT POISON PRABHUPADA. In fact, NOBODY POISONED PRABHUPADA.

NNV DAS: How does he know for sure? Napoleon was poisoned by ONE, TRUSTED, PERSON right under the very noses of very devoted well wishers WHO WOULD HAVE GLADLY GIVEN THEIR LIVES TO SAVE HIS! Surely, the OXFORD EDUCATED Mr. Tamal and understant that possibility?

* There were many dozens of devotees surrounding Srila Prabhupada in his final pastimes. Their only concern was to see Srila Prabhupada continue to live with us.

NNV das: Does he know for sure? Or is he indulging in MENTAL SPECULATION?

Aruna das: Most of the devotees were not even allowed by Tamal & Co to visit Srila Prabhupada in his last days, although Srila Prabhupada gave the ORDER that every one should come and see him. Why did they keep us away although Prabhupada gave the order? Is it because of their poison plot?

* Especially those serving him personally were attentive to detail and every word His Divine Grace spoke. Do you think that we could be so callous as to have heard Prabhupada say "I have been poisoned," and not be concerned? Of course we were concerned. We discussed the matter with Prabhupada and among ourselves, as anyone can read in "TKG's Diary." We did not go searching for a murderer because we concluded there was no murder.

NNV DAS: Then why did Srila Prabhupada SAY that he was poisoned?

Aruna das: We don't want to read your bogus Diary Tamal. Why did'nt Srila Prabhupada answered you, when You asked him: Who is it that poisoned You Srila Prabhupada?" Why did'nt he answered you? Why Tamal? Why? No answer is also an answer!

* Some have suggested that even if no one intentionally poisoned Prabhupada, the medicine he was given acted as "poison." I can well imagine some will hold me responsible as Prabhupada's secretary for giving him this medicine. But I was not engaged, nor were any of his servants, because of our expertise in medical knowledge.

NNV DAS: If you read Tamal's diary on which Nityananda's book is based, we can see that without medical knowledge Tamal takes a very bullying tone with Srila Prabhupada concering which medicines to take and which to discontinue ...ALMOST ALWAYS IN OPPOSITION TO SRILA PRABHUPADA'S PERSONAL PREFERENCE!

* All of us together did not even know one percent of what Prabhupada knew of Ayurvedic medicine.

NNV DAS: No medication or kaviraja was ever given a chance for a full treatment or for lab tests or anything at all that could have determined the cause of illness. Only Christian Scientists show such an avversion for diagnosis as is exhibited by Tamal. If he had no knowledge, then WHY DID HE NOT SEEK QUALIFIED DIAGNOSIS? Whatever was Srila Prabhupada's "illness" Srila Prabhupada Himself seems CONTINUOUSLY SURPRISED that AYURVEDIC MEDICINES WITH WHICH HE WAS PERSONALY FAMILIAR did not act as He expected. That alone is suspicious.

Aruna das: If all of you together did not even know one percent of what Prabhupada knew of Ayurvedic medicine, then why did you force him to take medicines he did not wanted to take, medicines which he said is poisonous? medicines which he said would kill him? why did you force him to drink milk which he did not like, being to excessively sweetened? Why did you gave him food and medicines he did not wanted touched by all of you?

* It was His Divine Grace who had a dream about a Kaviraja preparing a particular medicine, and it was His Divine Grace who reviewed each and every type of medicine that he was administered.

NNV das: If you read TKG's diary, you will find that Srila Prabhupada was not only fighting "disease" but Tamal's advice as well!

* Still, no medicine "killed" Srila Prabhupada. His Divine Grace said that Krishna had given him the decision whether to stay or not.

NNV das: If someone were poisoning Srila Prabhupada, it is not unthinkable that Krishna would take Him away from that place. The West has an obsession with killing their Saviors.If the "best disciples" saw fit to poison their Acharya, what work was left for Him to do?

* It is most unfair to say that any one of us who were serving him was praying for his untimely departure (what to speak of orchestrating it).

NNV das: This is a matter of investigation, not speculation.

* Again and again we begged Prabhupada to stay with us, even offered our life in exchange for his, as any good disciple would do. Prabhupada repeatedly said that he was living simply due to our love and affection.

NNV das: Since He left His body soon therafter, does it mean that He left for LACK OF "LOVE AND DEVOTION".

* He said that his Guru Maharaja passed away dissatisfied, but that he was completely satisfied.

NNV das: So says Tamal ....Where is the REFERENCE on tape or in print that Srila Prabhupada expressed that he was completely satisfied? Even a "pretend" guru such as Tamal should know that such important statements must be backed with Shastra or Smriti.

Aruna das: What nonsense statement by Tama Krishna. Srila Prabhupada bitterly complained about how he was treated and how having requested all of his disciples to come to Vrindaban that no one came, as well as his plea to go to Govardhana Hill was forcibly prevented in most disrespectful terms by Tamal Krishna.

* No one, he said, could ever hope to have such loving sons and daughters as he had.

NNV das: Proof please! (When did He say this?)
ARUNA das: Perhaps he did not ment Tamal.

Srila Prabhupada: "My only request is , that at the last stage don't torture me, and put me to death" [from SPC Vol. 36, November 3, 1977 tape recorded Room Conversation]

* He left us because he chose to leave.

NNV das: I beg to differ:

1. In my hearing, Srila Praabhupada stated that He would not leave until the Srimad Bhagavatam was completed. He stated that His Greatest contribution would be the completion of the Tenth Canto in such a way as to make it impossible to be diverted by Sahajias. HE DID NTO EVEN COMPLETE TENTH CANTO, what to speak of the complete SB.

2. A conspiracy to poison Srila Prabhupada was overheard a few months before He left His body by a devotee following up the stairs in the Vrindaban guest house, and I was told this in 1978 or 1980.

3. Narayan das informed me that he KNEW THE IDENTITY of eight persons who were overheard plotting Srila Prabhupada's poisoning murder in Vrindaban. Nityananda's book CLEARLY IDENTIFIES who overheard this conspiracy. Tamal and Hridayananda Swamis MYSTERIOUSLY disappeared for a time in Mexico when this revelation was made. DID THEY FIND THE WITNESS??? If so WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM?

4. Can Tamal explain WHY HE SAID THAT SRILA PRABHUPADA WAS "SENILE" in a conversation with Shayamasundhara?(1973) Is that part of the "devotion" that he and others felt while surrounding Srila Prabhupada with "love" in
His last days?

5. Srila Prabhupada claimed to be poisoned.

6. There are CLEARLY IDENTIFYABLE poison whispers on tapes.


Without obedience, how does Tamal claim that he offered love?

8. The astrologer states that if Srila Prabhupada is not done in by "subordinates" that He would live for TEN MORE YEARS. He did not live for even a few more months.

9. Tamal and co. obtained medicines from A KNOWN ASSOCIATE OF INDIRA GHANDI'S POISONERS! The same swamin (now in jail) administered medicines to Indira's jailed political enemies, lwith the result that THEY SUFFERED

10. There is ARSENIC in unnatural proportions in Srila Prabhupada's hair.
THAT ALONE IS SUFFICENT FOR TAMAL TO DECLARE AND EMERGENCY AND A FULL INVESTIGATION. One million dollars was given to Harikesha Swami when he threatened to kill of the GBC and gurus with Russian Mafia help. SO FAR THE POISON INVESTIGATION HAS BEEN FUNDED BY PRIVATE POCKETS ALONE.

We would expect that such a 'DEVOTED SOUL" as Tamal would RUSH FORWARD with his "Oxford tuition" money to pay for the tests that would either prove or disprove the poisoning of His Spiritual Master (without whom he, Tamal, would remained a drug dealer rather than being able to pose as guru).


* He left because Krishna called him back.

NNV das: On this point there can be no disagreement. Lord Jesus was ALSO CALLED BACK BY KRISHNA! This does not mean that Lord Jesus WAS NOT MURDERED!

* That is the plain truth and anything else is a concoction.

NNV DAS: Really? .....then Tamal claims that investigation of allegations of murder is not required? Without a formal inquest, one can hardly say that the charges are "a concoction".

Aruna das: Why should Krishna call Srila Prabhupada back, when Prabhupada said that Krishna had given him the decision whether to stay or not, and that he would remain with us for some more time? His untimely departure is being due to continued poisoning which weakened Srila Prabhupadas body, as well as Tamals disobedience to Srila Prabhupadas orders.

NNV das: Actually it is not only the poison what would cause Srila Prabhupada to leave his body. A Pure Devotee is held in place not by mortal issues, but by his value to his faithful followers as the ultimate Resource in accessing the Causeless Mercy of Sri Sri Radha Krishna. While His body remains stationary among us, He is actually fully active on the Spiritual Platform, in the transcendental world to which He is the unique exclusive bridge. If He is subject to disrespect, then by what mechanism might He stay among the offenders? More importantly, even showering those about Him with his Causeless mercy, at what point is He facilitating the disasterous reaction resulting from the Mad elephant offence?

* Prabhupada's servants dedicated the better part of their lives to serving Srila Prabhupada. We served him during his manifest pastimes right up until the end. It was not easy to serve His Divine Grace during the last year of his failing health. It was not easy to see his body wither, his resolve to continue on, wane. By his mercy alone we stayed by him throughout this difficult time and performed every possible service, collecting his urine, removing his stool, bathing him, changing his clothes and bedding, but most of all encouraging him to continue on.

NNV das: In the back of Nityananda's book there are case histories of famous ARSENIC POISONERS. All of them lead disturbingly double lives. While professing deep and sincere care and love, they were administering ARSENIC POISON at the same time. One woman (now onb death row in NC) actually LOVINGLY BROUGHT KEY LIME PIE TO HER "ILL" HUSBAND IN THE HOSPITAL, BECAUSE IT WAS HIS FAVORITE DISH! There is no question that she was SINCERE in her devotion to her husband, and one can imagine her feeding him pie spoonful by spooful while comforting him with sweet words. WHEN THE DOCTORS FOUND THAT THE MAN WAS BEING POISONED RIGHT IN THE HOSPITAL ITSELF, they were able to trace the poison to the pie. The woman had already bumped off half a dozen relatives with arsenic over the previous twenty years.

So EXTREME DEVOTION AND ARSENIC POISONING are known to occur together, and in fact it could be said that extreme devotion is a RED FLAG for arsenic poisoning.

The psychological factor is:  THE PERSON "NURTURING" THE ILLNES IS THE CAUSE OF THE ILLNESS. Such cases have also been recorded where mothers murdered their children by creating "diseases" to which they devoted their
lives to curing.

* It has come as a most cruel blow to be suspected of having been moved by any other motive than love in serving our dear most spiritual master.

NNV DAS: This is most sad, and a very good reason to CONDUCT A FULL POISON INVESTIGATION SO THAT TAMAL CAN CLEAR HIS NAME ONCE AND FOR ALL! Does he accept this challenge?

* The facts will speak for themselves. In the coming days and months all the  allegations of poisoning will be shown to be allegations and nothing more.

NNV das: So far, Balavanta's investigators have agreed that Srila Prabhupada was poisoned. Tamal does not indicate how the allegations are to be disproved.

* Then I hope that those who have falsely accused me and others will have the  decency to admit that they were wrong and beg forgiveness, not from us, but from Srila Prabhupada, whose sublime final pastimes they have attempted to tarnish.

NNV das: Balavanta's investigaiton suffers from a lack of funding. If Tamal is sincere, he should use some of his "guru loot" to fund the investigaiton. IS $100,000.00 too much to pay for this HISTORIC POSSIBILITY OF DEATH BY POISONING?

We are certainly lucky that there was no Satsvarupa swami at the time of Jesus to "whitewash" the crucifiction and betrayal by Judas, Simon Peter etc. Written by Tamal, Jesus would have been happily returning to God in the presence of "loving disciples", and the crucifix would have been replaced with a nice little manger with a Holy Baby in it.

Tamal is counting on the fact that devotees are easily mislead and will follow anything or anyone that is decorated with the symbols of sacredness or authority. IT IS OUR JOB TO SEEK THE TRUTH no matter what it costs.
Your eternal servant,
Nara Narayan Vishwakarma das

Aruna das: Tamal Krishna you are not falsely accused, but rightly suspected, being the chief suspect.

* Begging to always be a servant of the Vaisnavas,
Tamal Krishna Goswami

Aruna das: The wolf is also praying to be the servant of the sheep, so he can easily prey on them. No thank's.

Tamal, why did you force Srila Prabhupada to obey your orders? Aren't you the disciple who has to obey Srila Prabhupada's order? Than why didn't you allow Srila Prabhupada to go prikrama when he ORDERED to make the bullock-card ready? Why did you overrule Hansadutta, when he wanted to carry out Prabhupadas Order.

If you did not kill Srila Prabhupada physically by administering poison, as the evidence suggest, then you have definitely killed him emotionally by denying him his last wish and will to go on parikrama. With your "living guru" concoction after his departure, you have killed him philosophically as well.

NNV das: Hansadutta Prabhu is recorded (VNN) as arguing with Tamal that it is a choice of to follow the Kaviraja or to follow Srila Prabhupada. Apparently unable to break the inertial regarding the COMPETE AND CALCULATED DISOBEDIENCE of SUPERSOUL'S DIRECT ORDER through the via medium of Srila Prabhupada he nonetheless argued to follow that order. A weak but correct voice in a sea of disobedience.

Hansadutta reports that at one point Srila Prabhupada after days of making His ONE CONTINUOUS REQUEST finally asked for all of the devotees to assemble.

He asked them to vote; "Shall I be allowed to go to Govardhana" or "shall I not be allowed to go to Govardhana". Only two hands raised for our Transcendental Master to be "allowed" to go to Govhardhan Hill: Hansadutta and Giriraja. When Giriraja saw only two hands in the air, he prudently lowered his. Then there was only one hand Hansadutta's.

Stop and ponder the theological implication of this vote. Compare it to the time that Pontius Pilate washed his hands to absolve himself of what he had come to consider an unjust verdict.

Can you see the single plea of our kindly merciful Master to be obeyed; not because he wanted obedience, but because by obeying Him we could avoid the offense of minimizing His Direct Order. HE SAID THAT HE WOULD BE CURED IF HE WENT! ...Godbrothers, accepting this as a PIVOTAL MOMENT in the destiny of this world, THOSE PRESENT VOTED HIM TO DIE!

The conclusion cannot be escaped except by a faithless person. THEY DID NOT BELIEVE THE "WORDS EMANATING FROM HIS LOTUS MOUTH" that clearly stated that if he went to Govardhan He would LIVE!

Godbrothers, please do not commit the mad elephant offense by saying that they were sentimentally feeling that "it would be best for Him to stay in Vrindaban." That is not the Theological issue. If you argue that their fear of Him going was justified, then you will have fallen prey to those, who like Tamal Krishna were sick of Srila Prabhupada and called him a "Senile Old Man". With such an attitude by his so-called "intimate disciples" why look to mercury or arsenic for poison? Those poisons, (If actually administered) were only symbols of gross disobedience and what Srila Prabhupada politely referred to as "discourtesies" in the context of the New Vrindaban "Prabhupada is God" coup in 1970.

Let us say that during His last days he was surrounded by the exact individuals who had been proven time and time again (through letter, room conversation, morning walks etc) to have tried the patience of a Saint.

Amazing that such Saint-baiting types should then announce themselves to be His True, pure, acharya successors, only months after He had held them very much to task for offensive behavior.

Aruna das: Bogus successor-acaryas forcing all devotees into simultaneous guru-puja. Homosexual pedophile gurus and child rapers worshiped along with Srila Prabhupada on the same platform. This is arrogance personified to the highest degree. Demoniac consciousness manifest in the garb of so called devotees, desiring name, fame, distinction and adoration. Now exploiting the assets and disciples of Srila Prabhupadas Legacy, his Iskcon.

Which fool will believe you Tamal?

For those unaware of Tamals position within the Hare Krsna Society (ISKCON): He is currently a sect endorsed 'guru'. After only ten years of sporadic association with its founder, Herzig claimed (subsequent to the founder's demise) that he, along with ten others who had been appointed as representatives by the late acarya, were now acaryas themselves. Herzig created a hot-dog version of Vaisnavism: "The Multi-Guru-System" or "Gurus Inc" ; a virtual assembly-line of made-in-ISKCON gurus. The program now provides endless Fagans for ISKCON's unsuspecting Twists. But more importantly for Herzig, it further obfuscates the murder investigation by providing propaganda, allegiance, and bullet-proof protection via grateful 'gurus' who are all prot'eg'e party-liners. 

The real catch is that Tamal has never been a devotee. No. He joined after devotees found him hiding naked in the trees from where he used to spit down on people passing by... He was Kirtanananda's butt-kisser and as such Tamal always opposed and even obstructed Prabhupada. He tried to incorporate Iskcon, he supported false sannyasa, he broke down Radha-Damodar preaching Festival, dragged Bombay property case unlimitedly, made an horrible politics turmoil amongst US-temples, associated with bogus Gaudiya Math, was rude to devotees, made some people leave Iskcon and even commit suicide, etc, etc, so much so that Prabhupada ordered him to go away, far away to China, but Tamal plainly refused this order...

"What was going on in 1977 and what's still goes on now is quite simple - mundane asuric tactics for power-usurpation: be close to a real teacher for some time to cheat him you're his sincere servant (ie. infiltration), and at the right moment call the bonafide teacher bogus and tear him down by all means, and then proclaim oneself a new teacher, and jump into his seat before anyone else! The fastest runner is a winner! That's all seen many times, and repeats again and again, same old scenario describing the atheism and its affairs since time immemorial.

History shows clearly how Tamal was never a devotee, what to speak of being a sincere SP' student who's ready to listen to and carry on his Guru's orders... He never had genuine respect for his Guru, because he wanted SP position in order to mispresent Vaishnavism and destroy SP teachings and legacy. Tamal rather hated Prabhupada and all sincere Vaishnavas. It appears this proud atheist was sent to Iskcon by someone, infiltrated to destroy it, says logic when studied all historic facts... He was constantly under psychic pressure of his crimes, and it's no wonder Tamal had unconsciously revealed his real intentions many times in last 24 years, or his secrets had just leaked out due testimonies of other devotees who knew him well...

After changing his 'official' statements for several dozen of times, from 1977-2002, to confuse devotees and smokescreen and reinforce the cheap-looking GBC coverups, Tamal alone creates his image of an merciless dictator-like asura, a crazy guy who came into Iskcon, deceived everyone, and made a career by beating his oponents on the way by rudest means, all in order to gain a position which will ultimately enable him to remove Prabhupada, and then unchallenged go on with damaging SP' legacy and books all the way to the present days... It's ain't a paranoia that many devotees are convinced Tamal was sent to sabotage SP Mission... So, does such moron called tama-l (tama=darkness) deserve a mercy of being forgiven and down-promoted to the temple toilet-cleaner, as to atone for his blunders? No. Rather, he should leave his body being locked behind the bars, somewhere in the jail for murderers, where he really belongs to... And, this probably will happen to him, since 3 best devotee-lawyers are busy right now preparing the powerful case which is going to put rascal named Tamal behind the bars 'till the rest of his present lifetime, (at least)... Thenafter, Sri Yamaraja will receive him for a further treatment...

Those who know Tamal Krishna a.k.a. Thomas Herzig, know that he is freakishly power-hungry. So overwhelmed is he by a lust for power, that even he cannot contain it. No sooner had His Divine Grace been entombed than Herzig began to pump out patrimony propaganda. We have listed some of the claims and contradictions below (Note: The authenticity of the quotes ascribed to Prabhupada cannot be validated. They are all taken from Herzig's publications):- more: > klick here for the complete BIF-Report on TKG