Jayapataka Swami's Profile

Jayapataka Swami: a.k.a. Gordon John Erdman, (USA/India)
a self-appointed bogus GBC ISKCON "guru" clone (clown),
preaching homosexual pedophile guru philosophy, one of the biggest supporters of child molester Bhavananada.
Jayapataka is a militant enforcer of cult ritualistic worship of homosexual pedophile Iskcon Gurus. He kicked out Kala and others who protested the molester regime, he still works closely with folks like child raper Satadhanya.

Srila Prabhupada states that, "he will be responsible for the deaths of all the members of the Calcutta temple because he has hired an abominable sweeper to cook for the devotees and Deities, and that the food thus cooked is poisonous. Jayapataka REFUSES TO FIRE THE SWEEPER-COOK TO SRILA PRABHUPADA'S FACE! (I am the witness).

for alleged abettor to suicide/murder
Jayapataka co-supervises the PEDOPHILE run Mayapur Gurukula, and supports his BEST FRIEND Bhavananda, who WAS WITNESSED IN HOMOSEXUAL ACTS LONG BEFORE HE WAS APPOINTED TO BE RITVIK!


FROM PADA: pada@neteze.com Dated: April 04, 1999

Dear Jayapataka swami,

Please accept our most humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

We are reviewing your letter to Adridharana and Madhu Pandit prabhus. Frankly we are astonished maharaja, finding that you compare the IRG's "legal action" to "following the 1930s Gaudiya Matha"? Didn't you just now spend maybe a million dollars of ISKCON funds suing Hansadutta, for more than six years, between Singapore and America? And are not many devotees thinking that more ISKCON millions were lost in the ensuing Harikesha imbroglio? Yet, now you are saying "no one else can go to court and waste money," but your party can preside over a mundane court case for six years at a huge financial loss? Maharaja, if "going to court" is duplicating the Gaudiya Matha, as you say it is, then you are the star disciple of that group.

Your party has indeed an ongoing history of threatening legal actions against other Vaishnavas, such as restraining orders and so on, almost every day it seems. For example, your goons beat up some of our "Prabhupadanugas" in England, and you made a restraining order against devotees there. And the pattern is the same over here. Your goondas beat up a devotee, then you called the police on him and lied to the police that he had been the aggressor. Then you made a "police restraining order" against the victim. In short, whenever you can, you use sub-violent cult-like banning, beating, or some type of distorted legal threats, harassment, and so on.

Now that someone is actually defending themselves, you are complaining? We also heard numerous rumors that your goondas wanted to physically assault Krishna's IRG folks there in India. The fact that devotees even expect that behavior from your party shows how much they lack confidence in you, and worse, the devotees fear you. A devotee of Srila Prabhupada told me recently that our "Prabhupadanuga work" is just exactly like a person who jumps into a pit full of vipers, cobras, and black widow spiders. And he says he never even considers visiting your headquarters: Mayapura. He fears going to Mayapura more than he fears going to the worst parts of East Los Angeles.

We also heard that other minor GBC were intimidated by your goondas at the Mayapura meeting during the "pada titles" vote this year? And as soon as the vote was anonymous, it changed apparently since the other GBC did not feel threatened by your potential goonda-ism. In sum, you have used a combination of threats, beatings, assassination of dissidents, and when possible, contrived legal intimidation, just exactly as the Gaudiya Matha deviants did. Bully boys. Srila Prabhupada said the Gaudiya Matha's false gurus are "ferocious snakes." Does history repeat?

Your analogy that "the IRG is like the Gaudiya Matha" is false because the Gaudiya Matha fought in the courts to establsh themselves as unauthorized "acharyas." The IRG lawsuit now being forwarded is NOT to establish such false acharyas, but rather to establish the real acharya, namely: His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada, a person we consider to be as pure as Jesus and India's best ambassador to the West for the past 5,000 years. Therefore, there is no comparison to the falsity of Gaudiya Matha's acharyas, and the truth of who our acharya really is. Your comparing the IRG's "establishing Srila Prabhupada as the acharya" to that of "establishing the Gaudiya Matha's deviants (including homosexuals?) as acharyas" is highly offensive.

Besides, the IRG is simply saying that Srila Prabhupada is ISKCON's acharya. If you agree, why not sign a settlement with them right now without a court battle? Obviously, you do not agree, otherwise it would be settled right now. Of course, you have never proven your original "appointment of eleven acharyas" lie from square one, and what to speak of subsequent GBC lies? And since your party vociferously established folks like Bhavananda, a person with known homosexual tendencies, to be an acharya, we know you are not the people who should be determining "who is," or "who is not," the acharya. You don't know what an acharya is, to start with?

You cannot prove in any court that you have even the slightest clue that you know what a Vaishnava acharya is? And when the homosexual pedophile tendencies of your alleged acharya Bhavananda were exposed, you simply went back and reinstated him as your GBC's "Vishnupada" acharya? This proves you have not even the slightest clue "who is Vishnu" either. For you to say that a known homosexual pedophile is "shaksat hari tvena," as good as God, proves simply that the GBC body are either perverts or atheists. No one else, even the most lowest-class tamasa cannibal religion, where they cook their grand-mothers and eat cooked human bodies, would even dare to make such a juxtaposition, out of fear of God Almighty. Do you have no fear because you do not accept that there are any consequences to such evil juxtaposing since you are covert atheists?

And why did you kick all of us out of ISKCON in the first place and precipitate these reactions: simply because we say that Srila Prabhupada is the acharya for ISKCON? This is a crime according to you? You are demonizing those of us who want to worship the real founder acharya of ISKCON inside the walls of his ISKCON? You are the criminals here. You are also establishing that some of your known criminal and pedophile associates are "links in the acharya's parampara chain," or that such deviants are or were "Srila Prabhupada's successors."

This is criminal beyond belief. The parampara chain is eternally as pure as Krishna, yet you, by your divine GBC word jugglery dogma, have added crooks, deviants, even homosexual child molesters to that chain? You will have to explain this in either the court here or in the courts of Yamaraja, but you will have to account for this heinous activity. A number of devotees recently said that they hope you and your cronies will be sued for fraud as part of this lawsuit, that is how much some of your brothers and sisters have come to appreciate "your great service."

Anyway, when anyone of us says "Srila Prabhupada is the acharya," you kick us out, and thus you have kicked out thousands and thousands of us on your contrived bogus GBC principle. For example, you said in 1980 that Srila Prabhupada is not the current acharya, rather Jayatirtha is the current acharya, and you threw us out of ISKCON with that lie. That is not your duty as a GBC. Rather, you are supposed to keep "imitation of the acharya, Srila Prabhupada," out of ISKCON. You are supposed to defend those of us who are pointing out that imitation. And you also ruined Jayatirtha himself by propping up and encouraging his mad sahajiya-ness.

And as a result of your continued support of Jayatirtha, hundreds of devotees ran off and joined his sex and drugs program, which culminated in his getting his head chopped off. Then, this was duly printed in millions of England's newspapers, which in turn destroyed the faith of millions of people from ever considering ours as a bona fide religion. In other words, you ruined the lives of hundred of Srila Prabhupada's devotees, and simultaneously ruined the lives of millions of potential devotees, just with merely one of your so-called clever (but really bogus) moves. Your victims from just that one issue alone are almost countless, but they are at least in the millions.

This is why people openly wonder if you are Kali's agents who are purposefully ruining this mission? And by the way, the British government was apparently happy that Jayatirtha got his head chopped off since he was allegedly the number one distributor of the drug "ecstacy" in England at the time. One of Jayatirtha's "ecstacy" victims pulled out a loaded gun (due to this drug?) asking an actress for a date in the middle of her performance in the Berkeley Theatre. This is the result of association with one of your alleged "guru links"?

Is Srila Prabhupada pleased that your lied to keep some bogus fools in his seat and drive out thousands of us who protested? Of course he is not pleased. Is he pleased that you ruined his mission's reputation for millions of innocent people, who will now miss this life's chance to become devotees, and thus they will have to go back to the karma chakra of repeated birth and death and suffering? No. You say you are his sincere servants, by driving away his students and making a criminal laughing stock out of the acharya lineage and driving millions, if not billions, of people away in disgust? What kind of "service" is that?

The list of your crimes is practically endless. From the Jayatirtha fiasco you went on to vociferously indulge many more similar fanatical rampages, and you therefore threw out thousands of other people who did not accept your: homosexual gurus, wife stealing gurus, condom sex therapist gurus, and so on and so forth. That means that your party are the biggest criminal menaces to ISKCON, simply on the basis that you have driven out most of the manpower and ruined the reputation of ISKCON. Is this legal? No. You have no authority to do this --even-- as simple legal managers of an institution. If you were the directors of any other bona fide charity, they would say that since you kicked out most of the volunteers, and ruined the reputation of the charity, the directors are placing civil criminal charges upon you. This is why Srila Prabhupada calls the Gaudiya Matha deviants "usurpers." Criminals.

Srila Prabhupada told you directly: do NOT establish false acharyas and kick out all of the devotees -- as the Gaudiya Matha did. This is what is illegal here. Where did he order you to go to the Gaudiya Matha, as you all did in 1978, and establish your bogus: appointed gurus, zonal gurus, two-thirds majority voted gurus, reformed gurus, homosexual gurus, pedophile reinstated gurus, and so on ad infinitum? And now it seems, you have guru poisoners as some of your guru lineage's links? And you, maharaja, have been the vociferous cheerleader of most of the deviants who created all of this as they came down the pipeline? And you have viciously driven out of ISKCON anyone who does not accept these deviants as gurus?

In short, you have self-appointed youselves as acharyas exactly as the Gaudiya Matha did. And, as the first wave of the 1930s deviants crashed on the beach, the first wave of deviants voted in another wave of deviants as gurus, exactly as you have done as well. This is following the order of whom? Srila Prabhupada despised these deviations. Yet your party insists on establishing these deviations, and your party are world wide famous for harassing people, even sometimes killing people, who do not agree with your Gaudiya Matha styled deviations.

You even presided over the reinstating of a known homosexual pedophile as your GBC's beloved "Vishnupada," in our holiest of dham, while some of our children were simultaneously being molested in your GBC's evil kingdom, and yes, under your watch. This makes you far worse than the Gaudiya Matha. Harikesha also said that you STILL facilitate molesters at Mayapura TODAY, as has been your policy all along? This is criminal. Didn't anyone ever tell you that Andy Warhol's de facto disciples are not Vaishnava acharyas? You have no idea what an acharya is. Adridharana and Madhu Pandit don't think that such fools should be listed as persons who are, were, or could have been "links in Krishna's acharya lineage." And so you want to kick them in the head? You make them out as demons and criminals? No. They are the best friends ISKCON has ever had. Your homosexual gurus are also: the same thing that evolved in the Gaudiya Matha as well. You are following exactly in their crooked footsteps.

And why not rather commend the IRG for acting legally? You party does not act legally. Rather your GBC followers regularly threaten, ban, if not beat up devotees? Your followers beat up Ian right here at the Sunday feast, shocking the guests. Your crimes of beating the Vaishnavas is nicely depicted in the Srimad Bhagavatam as "the sin by which one will be crushed in Yama's agents rollers." That is you and your followers future without a doubt, if we accept shastra. And we do. You have zero authority to drive out, purge, ban, threaten, beat (or even nominally harass) one Vaishnava, and your party has done the above to ten thousand devotees at least.

Of course, since you systematically beat up the Lord's Vaishnavas to establish your homosexual, if not pedophile, "Vishnupadas," you are destined for the extra special "Hellish planet of Yamaraja's roller derby" treatment, which is so terrible it is not even mentioned in the Srimad Bhagavatam. To juxtapose pedophiles with bona fide acharya lineages is the worse crime that there is on the planet, and you have been doing that for 20 years. And you protect that with your lies, violence and phony lawsuits?

And when your violent goonda-ism against Vaishnavas program does not work: you harass people with legal restraining orders? For example, you placed a police restraining order on the five cowherd people at Gita Nagari, so that you could effect your real G-oonda B-ully C-ommitte program: killing the cows horribly by starving, freezing, falling on ice rinks created from improper maintainence, falling through the roof from broken fences, leaving the cows hip deep in stools so they could get horrible diseases, and so on? Yes you must protect such activity "legally."

In sum, you and your henchman Ravindra swarupa have very sharp legal teeth when you need to protect cow torture and cow killing? And now we hear that you are selling Krishna's cows to be probably slaughtered right there on your doorstep in India? And you are too busy attacking others, thus you cannot even manage your own cows in your own back yard? Or maybe the entire plot all-round is to attack Srila Prabhupada with poison, attack the parampara's integrity, attack the brahmanas, attack the devotees, attack the children, attack the women, and attack everyone else including the cows, in order to destroy this movement? That seems to be a possible scenario in the minds of many devotees?

And were not many of the children in your school system starved, beaten and molested, just about like your cows are being treated? And instead of spending a million dollars to help the poor victims of your mismanagement, who are in dire need of help, you instead chose to spend a million dollars to feed the karmi beef-eater's court system? And now, some of the victimized people want to take your GBC to court on a separate claim, seeing that you have no feelings of remorse or practical plan to give them truly viable support?

And on top of this, you are complaining that some of your countless vicitms are defending themselves in the court? Maharaja, a devotee who actually likes you came back from Mayapura saying that he felt embarassed to see how the GBC behaved so insensitively this year against so many bona fide complaints. He said that most of your GBC people are simply obsessed with your own worship, and that is all that interests you folks, and therefore you never deal with the real issues afflicting ISKCON and your victims.

And what is going on in your zone anyway? Aren't you the person who protected Bhavananada, Satadhanya, Nitai chand and others who created molester-con in Mayapura? Aren't you the person who ran Atlanta temple into the ground? Aren't your the person whose Mississipi farm is in a shambles? Isn't your Mississipi business also under Federal Grand Jury investigation? Aren't you the person who kicked out Kala dasa when he wanted to get the molesters out of Mayapura? Didn't Harikesha just say that he won't go to Mayapura because there are molesters there, under your watch? Didn't Atreya Rishi say that if he protested your molester project there in Mayapura he would get beaten with sticks? Didn't Jayantakrit's party say your goondas threatened him there? Wasn't Bhima's party beaten and threatened there? A very senior book distributor told me that he will never go to Mayapara, because he is afraid of your influence there. That is how your management is viewed by some.

Even your good friend Nirantara dasa sang a song about your management. "There is homosex (pedophile "guru" pooja?) in the holy dham," addressing you and your management style? Do you know what kind of crime it is to bring a molester worship empire into the holy dham? Do you know what kind of crime it is to bring in de facto Andy Warhol's disciples and throw them on a Vyasasana to be worshipped in Lord Chaitanya's holy land, as Lord Chaitanya's pure successors? Have you any remote clue what is the reaction for that? Some sadhus are afraid to pass stool in the holy dham, and you import in sex with stools to be worshipped there? What is wrong with you people?

Have you any idea what this will mean for your future? Most karmis cannot even believe it that anyone would force children to worship known homosexual pedophiles. They actually cringe in total revulsion when we tell them about your perverse ideas. They cannot even accept that such evil persons live on this planet right now. This is why the Sri Isopanisad says that the false "veda vada ratas" are better to have never heard of the Vedas. They misuse the Vedas to make false gurus, and thus they go lower than those who never heard of the Vedas. In sum, your futures are darker than the karmis, and you are dragging many otherwise nice people with you to be your henchmen and goondas by misleading them.

Are are there not numerous rumors that you also handed Harikesha another million dollars worth of motorhomes, sound systems, an undisclosed amount of cash, and so on, since he was going to put other GBCs (yourself?) in jail (by exposing them) if you would not allow this pay-off? Isn't there another rumor that Harikesh extorted another million to pay off his mafia pals? Isn't there another rumor, that the books taken by Harikesha left a huge bill due to the printers, maybe over a half a million dollars, which is unpaid? Isn't there another rumor that the millions of dollars collected to protect cows in India was used for something else, such as luxury living for an elite, and that some of these cows were thus sold for slaughter? Why do these types of rumors keep surfacing over, and over, and over again, and they just keep getting worse and worse?

In sum, it would seem that you, Jayapataka maharaja, just blew millions of dollars on your ghostly haunted, psychotropic drugged, sex fiend and fool, namely your biggest "living acharya" Harikesha? Then, simultaneously, you blatantly attack some nice devotees and try to railroad them out of ISKCON, just like you ALREADY railroaded thousands of others out of ISKCON? And now, the IRG folks are merely trying to defend themselves, and so they went to appeal for help at the courts because you all have deaf ears? And now you criticize their court defense activity, despite that you just went to court for six years? You start legal attacks yourself, but others are forbidden? You obviously think your are above any laws, even your own. Dr. J. Stillson Judah calls your ideas "antinomianism" (?) i.e. the basis of all violent and perverted cults, self appointed authoritarianists in the name of God.

Your GBC report itself sounds like an attack on the IRG devotees with your legal jargon which we have all seen? You GBC report in fact reads like a legal challenge to these devotees, so naturally they are inclined to respond legally. You write like lawyers, and you will spend unlimited funds for your own lawyers, but no one else is allowed to respond to your legal jargon and your eternal barrage of harassing?

Maharaja, you must know that kicking out even one sincere devotee is a serious crime. Well, you have kicked out thousands of them. Even one of them, say Tribhuvanesvari, she died of cancer after your program took away her service, and this caused her immense depression. So, your policy killed her. You don't even remember her, since none of your party even came to see her as she lay dying in the hospital. She was to your party like a potato beetle insect splattered under your seventy-five ton tank's treads. You did not even slow down your tank attack to notice that a death took place. Yet, beware maharaja, she is a Vaishnava, and that means VERY DEAR TO KRISHNA. And she was murdered by your policy. And although you might forget, Yamaraja and his agents will not EVER.

In short, her blood, a very dear to Krishna Vaishnavi, is on your hands. Even if you wash your hands for a million years you cannot wash away the murdered Vaishnava's blood. This is impossible. There is the law of reaction, and even nominally harassing a Vaishnava causes severe reaction. No one can save you from these reactions maharaja. It is said that the only cure for offending a Vaishnava is to get their forgiveness, of course if you kill them, then you cannot be pardoned at all. And so you will pass from this planet with her blood on your hands. And Sulochana's blood, and so on and so forth. So, do people think that your party could have killed the master since you will kill his servants?

Of course, that is just your crimes of murder. Then we have all of your crimes of the pain and suffering caused to countless Vaishnavas by driving them away from their service. Tribhuvanesvari died very slowly, being pained that she was separated from her Lord by your jackboots policy. Thus, there will be the repayment for the immense suffering you have caused to thousand and thousands of Vaishnavas like this. No one is allowed to cause any anxiety to any living being says shastra, but you chose the Lord's dearest, His Vaishnavas, as the living beings to harass and jack-boot?

Notice! Maharaja! NO ONE IN THE UNIVERSE is authorized to take the Lord's sincere devotees away from their service to Vishnu. The price your will pay for this is far worse than the Muslim invaders since they did not pose as Vaishnavas. The false shepherd who slaughters his sheep is the most sinful man, and so the false protectors of the devotees who are actually harassing the devotees, are the most sinful.

So, we pity you maharaja since your "army of eleven" has been reduced to one remaining flag waver, namely yourself. And your time of glory, brought to your party temporarily at the expense of the suffering of millions of others, is very limited maharaja. My advice to you is to give it up now and try to make amends for the countless thousands of devotees you have banned, beaten and sometimes even killed. To sum maharaja, here is briefly your smash-and-grab "guru history," as it will be recorded for the next 10,000 years here, and as it is already recorded in Yama's courthouse:

01) Srila Prabhupada said he wanted to suspend the sannyasa order in early 1977, and focus instead on varnasrama dharma (mainly householders and children's schools).
02) Srila Prabhupada said that he wanted some of these sannyasis to act ONLY as his representatives.
03) Evidently, some of these "sannyasis" were not happy with this direction, and so they plotted against Srila Prabhupada.
04) Srila Prabhupada then said that he was being poisoned. This will eventually be confirmed by forensic evidence. Tamal and Satsvarupa were also talking about potential rationalization excuses for the poisoning in November, 1977.
05) Simultaneously, the GBC stopped the order for all of the devotees to go to Vrindavana, where they might have asked about the succession issue.
06) Simultaneously, the GBC then declared that eleven of them had been appointed as Srila Prabhupada's successors.
07) Simultaneously, the GBC forwarded a highly chopped TRANSCRIPT ONLY version of the May 28th tape, their so-called evidence for the appointment of eleven successor gurus. (The chopped-off parts of the transcript, released in a large manner by the dissident Sulochana in 1985, inidicated that there was no appointment).
08) Simultaneously, the GBC went to the founder of the Gaudiya Matha's homosexual guru imbroglio for "advice."
09) Simultaneously, the GBC hid and suppressed: The 1977 will; The 1977 conversations; The letters; The audio version of the appointment tape (we still only have a spliced version at this date); And they simultaneously suppressed, harassed and even threatened violence to eye-witnesses or those with counter evidence.
10) Simultaneously, the GBC forwarded two persons with know unresolved homosexual anarthas as pure devotees, and they forced children to worship them.
11) Simultaneously, the GBC forbid any discussion of their alleged appointment.
12) Simultaneously, the GBC sent out a "Bhakta Newsletter" informing all new devotees they needed to worship the eleven as their "new gurus."
13) Simultaneously, Satsvarupa wrote in the November 1977 "Back To Godhead" that Srila Prabhupada had named (eleven) initiating gurus, totally defying the actual instruction that he would not appoint any successors.
14) Simultaneously, the GBC made big vyasasanas for their worship.
15) Simultaneously, the GBC made big photos of themselves and placed them on the altars.
16) Simultaneously, the GBC obtained big cars and private houses for some of their gurus, and started very opulent lifestyles for their new elite.
17) Simultaneously, the funds for cow protection, gurukulas, and in sum varnasrama, dried up and were transferred to the opulent lifestyles of the jet-set rurus.
18) Simultaneously, the GBC forced "simultaneous pooja" of themselves along with Srila Prabhupada in ISKCON.
19) Simultaneously, the GBC declared their Gaudiya Matha advisor as the "senior-most Vaishnava on the planet," and made his lecture their 1978 GBC report, just after Srila Prabhupada had told the GBC that this man was the leader of the "severe offenders" party.
20) Simultaneously, some GBC reduced book distribution and started making devotees sell oil paintings, candles, bumper stickers, and lewd audio records.
21) Simultaneously, some GBC encouraged drug sellers, which resulted in some criminal activity being linked to IKCON.
22) Simultaneously, some GBC removed the teachers established by Srila Prabhupada and placed molesters into the schools.
23) Simultaneously, some GBC encouraged "women's collecting parties" which exploited women.
24) Simultaneously, Kirtanananda stated getting petted by a large number of young boys in what was obviously pedophile heaven.
25) Simultaneously, Bhavananda started travelling all over the globe buying expensive jewelry, while the Lake Huntington project went broke and gurukulis were starving.
26) Simultaneously, the GBC protected Jayatirtha's drug and sex cult and kicked us out of ISKCON for objecting (but at least he did offer to make us guru too?).
27) Simultaneously, deviants started talking about changing his books.
28) Simultaneously, Satsvarupa said the letters are not relevant.
29) Simultaneously, Jadurani was nearly beaten to death by GBC thugs.
30) Simultaneously, Tamal and Ramesvara admitted the appointment is a hoax.
31) Simultaneously, the GBC insulted the mahajanas by linking them to their fall downs.
32) Simultaneously, Hridayananda started talking to women dressed in his bikini.

And so on and so forth....

And of course, then you made molester pooja, reinstated molester pooja, murdered dissidents, voted in 20 more gurus at a known pedophile guru's recoronation, ad infinitum. Can you at least just answer one question for us maharaja? Sulochana was told that he would be "dead meat on a hook" by Ramesvara if he published the letters. Then, sure enough, your party killed him. Now, you and Jayadvaita are always quoting --the letters? Maharaja, you killed the person who delivered those letters, and now you are quoting them? "Your letters" are thanks to Sulochana, and as such, they are dripping with the blood of the mailman that your party just murdered, and yet you are now citing these letters about how wonderful you are?

You are also quoting a letter to Siddhaswarupa's followers? Didn't your party despise Siddhaswarupa all along? Didn't your party send someone to threaten to kill Siddhaswarupa? Now, he is your example? And if this is "the law," why didn't you bring it out earlier? Why did you claim only eleven are appointed, since all of the devotees are diksha gurus according to you? And is this letter to Siddhaswarupa's group a general point or a specific order? You say that there is a specific order for eleven gurus? Now you are quoting a general letter that anyone can become a pure devotee and guru. But that is not what you said before? Anyway, the IRG and others have wrote tons of things on this issue and you never reply to it.

And doesn't Srila Prabhupada say that the Gaudiya Matha failed because everyone initiated as guru (Vaishisthya astakam)? And when did Srila Prabhupada "order" homosexual anarthas to be worshipped? And kick out those who disagree to homosexual pooja? Where is that ordered?

And would not his "final SPECIFIC orders" be the accepted standard that he wanted actually applied? And did he not say that initiations would go on by the ritvik system? And why are you challenging this order, just like the Gaudiya Matha's deviants challenged their guru's order? Do we think that Srila Prabhupada can make a pure devotee, yes, but it is not going to be from your molester guru camp.

Maharaja, and this is from us personally, shastra says you will pay for your role in Sulochana's murder for a very long time and under most unpleasant circumstances and for as many years as there are for each and every hair on his head. Killing a cow would be like a heavenly planet in comparison. Please, do us all a big favor, quit citing the letters, which you killed him as thanks for delivering. It is like continuing to stick a knife in Sulochana's corpse. Maharaja don't you get it, your party killed your postman and now you are pontificating? This is why shastra says you can chant forever and never make any advancement if your heart is a steel frame.

Maharaja, to relieve yourself from some of your unholy burden, make it HENCEFORWARD "the law of ISKCON" that the Vaishnavasa must be worshipped, just as Sri Krishna worshipped Sudama. Thus, from now on, when Adridharana and Madhu pandit and party visit any ISKCON temple, they will be greeted with devotees waving a camara whisk, a nice seat, a drink (can we keep this arsenic free?), and be allowed to speak as long as they like about the glories of the eternal maha-bhagavata acharya, Sri Krishna's dearmost representative, Srila Prabhupada. Show mercy and you may get some mercy. Continue driving your tank, mashing more skulls into the enormous pile of skulls under your treads already, and you are condemned. And if it turns out that Srila Prabhupada is one of the people under your GBC's party army tank treads, then I say this without hesitation, there is no one that can ever help you at all. You are officially a genuine lost soul.

Thanks for your attention,
Your servant, Puranjana dasa


P.S. Please also see: Hastings police station to arrest Jayapataka