PADA 2-20-99 1
(from concerned Indians)

Thanks for your on going fighting spirit! HOW IS IT POSSIBLE that anybody can be so stupid to reject what a saktyavesa personality (who is thus never influenced by the material energy) SRILA PRABHUPADA, is saying? Who else can we listen to who is more beyond the influence of the material energy? Tamal???!

By whose grace then???? If Tamal was ever beyond the material energy at any point of time, maybe, but certainly SRILA PRABHUPADA will ALWAYS be far superior in terms of being beyond the material energy, since any follower of a spiritual personality can never be superior internally (although externally he might supercede His Guru, and that only by the Grace of His own Guru).

So how come that SRILA PRABHUPADA, who is never under the influence of the material energy, and is thus not disturbed by birth, death or diseases, now suddenly is supposed to be inferior in subtle intelligence to Tamal, who is the main person rejecting SRILA PRABHUPADA'S WORDS (on the poison tape)?

Srila Prabhupada, IN His clear state of mind, would be so unlimitedly crazy to beleive in Tamal's STATEMENTS, RATHER THAN BELIVING IN HIS OWN WORDS, THE SENAPATI Bhakta's statements? Of course, it is obvious. But it is also just such incredible stupidity, and thus extremely foolish, as well as unfortunate, and simply crazy action, that some OF SRILA Prabhupadas "followers" have decided to carry out: to follow Tamal's interpretation of events and not Srila Prabhupada's.

Tamal and his GBC followers, their future is so very dark, it is a future which nobody within the three worlds is ever going to be envious of, thats for sure. Its 100% clear. Srila Prabhupada is saying HE IS BEING POISONED --by somebody THERE IN THAT ROOM, an existing person (or sab milika: person(s). He may have been given mercury or whatever through his medicine, which He didn't want. He had also previously declared, before He got so sick as to loose His physical capacity, that if anybody was forcing Him to take medicine, that He didn't want, that means that they just are about to kill Him too. That is exactly what they did. They forced Srila Prabhupada to take this medicine, which they claimed to be markaradvaj"(?) (spelling???) but SRILA PRABHUPADA said: it IS NOT and was not marakaradvaj, but then they STILL forced Him to take it anyways.

That means they killed Him by poisoning. And why are such extremely doubtful characters like Bhavananda protected all the time by Tamal and others in his clique, since its obvious his actions created, at least, an extremely bad reputation and profile for ISKCON. HOW CAN ONE RISK ONE'S OWN REPUTATION AND ISKCON'S AS WELL, Including one's spiritual life, for the sake of giving Bhavanada protection and money —unless perhaps Bhavananda has a gun to the other GBC heads, the "killing" by poison knowledge, to threaten his "God" brothers with.

They must act as Bhavananda dictates, otherwise He will reveal their common con-spiracy of Killing SRILA PRABHUPADA BY POISONING Him. Why did Bhakti Caru tell to Tribhuvanath Prabhu that Srila Prabhupada told Him to not let Tamal take care of His medicine? Its all obvious. There is no doubts. Why should ANY respect to be given to Tamal's crazy statements, denying the poison statements and instead saying that Srila Prabhupada is suffering "a Spirtual Problem," when Srila Prabhupada is The Jagat Guru, The Senapati Bhakta, who never is bewildered by the material energy —and he is saying He is being poisoned?

Why are we doubting Srila Prabhupada, whom is a soul who can purify the three worlds, due to His profound liberated state of conciousness? Meanwhile, what is Tamal purifying? He has driven out most of the devotees, he supports Bhavananda, a homosexual, and so forth.

If we are Prabhupadanugas, how can we, at any point, believe that SRILA PRABHUPADA is not capable to deliver our minds and souls to the highest level of consciousness, and even he must therefore have had this capacity at His time of leaving His OWN body? The question here is (amongst the doubtful): why, then is Srila Prabhupada not just pointing out in name who did it?

Well its very clear, if WE ACTUALLY ACCEPT SRILA PRABHUPADA AS A TRUE COMPASSIONATE SAINT, THE Prophet for KALI YUGA. JUST like Lord Jesus forgave all of those who came to kill him, Srila Prabhupada was prepared to forgive them who were ALSO killing him, because SRILA PRABHUPADA IS FREE FROM ALL TINGE OF ENVIOUSNESS, free of attachmemt to the body, as well as he (by the grace of the Lord) understands the plan of the Lord, just like Maharaja Pariksit understood the plan of the LORD WHEN HE WAS CURSED to die.

So a pure devotee does not want to increase the rejection of the conditioned souls by Krishna. If SRILA PRABHUPADA WOULD reveal the names of all these leader's hatred toward him, to Krishna, this would become boundless since Krishna is unlimited. Also their venom would increase, not decrease. And thus, there would be even worse actions and many more victims performed by them.

Srila Prabhupada thus always acts for the benefit of all living entities, even the people who attack him. FURTHERmore, Krishna wants us to become independently thoughtful and not just following blindly. He wants us to learn to think and make proper judgements. Furthermore, nobody knows all the meanings of the Lord's plans. Krishna wants to make everybody feel ashamed of their low natures, so He sometimes arranges to expose our low qualities, even in the most abominable manner, so we can once and for all give them up, and thus never, even within dreams, consider such evil actions.

Anyway, it is all clear that Srila Prabhupada is saying that He is being poisoned. And all who are there are verifying and agreeing to this fact, including Tamal, who is asking Srila Prabhupada: who is it that has poisoned you? etc. So they all have understood that Srila PRABHUPADA IS ACTUALLY COMPLAINING THAT He is being poisoned by somebody there. Sombody with a demoniac mentalllity as equal to Ravana's.

One can also go further on the subject matter by analyzing the situation from the point of view that Srila Prabhupada had all mystic powers and thus we get another interesting possbility of why Srila Prabhupada acted as He did. Furthermore, we can remember the pastime of the camel and the scorpion who where about to pass the river when the stupid scorpion couldn't resist to use his lower nature by killing the camel. So that's a part of the story as well. So think about the obvious fact that Bhavanada is laughing at the thought that Srila Prabhupada (who is supposed to be the most dear thing within his life) is about to die?

Even before Srila Prabhupada is leaving they are extremley greedy to see Srila Prabhupada dead, so that they can get their big positions as Guru etc. It's all clear good folks. Bhakti Caru Mahraja has, in a personal letter to me, agreed to me that Srila Prabhupada explained that he was given poison.

So its as clear as that the Mahamantra is the Yuga dharma and there is no other way, no other way, no other way. He was poisoned and there is simply no other explanation that makes any sense.

YS ——— (concerned devotees from India)