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Devamrita Swami
Devamrita swami:
(USA now in New Zealand)
Chandrashekar Swami
Chandrashekar Swami
bogus Iskcon Swami

Devamrita swami: Formerly one of Kirtanananda's henchman during Kirtanananda's homosexual pedophile worship glory days.

Has said "women are toilets," and he has supported the worship of his homosexual friends. Stayed with Kirtanananda even after his expulsion from ISKCON for criminal activities. He is still "worshipped as good as God" in ISKCON.

.... (co-gbc New Zealand) Excessively confrontational. Preaches that women are toilets. Can be seen on video in "Holy cow swami." An expose on Kirtananda. Deva Amrta swami can be seen wearing a Franciscan monk's habit. A five day growth covers his face and he speaks his part as Kirtananda's right hand man. A complete deviant from Srila Prabhupada's instruction. He now rules with the iskcon mob.

Chandrashekar swami. aka Charles Grangent.

Chandrashekar swami came to Australia with bogus guru Devamrita Swami in 1994.

He spent time in Brisbane and in Sydney looking for residences to set up the new religious orginisation that Devamrita swami was starting up.

He was used by Bir Krishna das Goswami for recruiting prison people as a means of violence to critics.

Chandrashekar swami liked visiting icecream stores. His favorite icecream was the magnum.He loved to share these with the other swami's and they would laugh and joke at how many icecreams he could eat. After his icecreams were finished he liked to go his own way. So he would leave the company of the other swamis to spend his time in another state Brisbane an hours flight away. Just so happened that a female swami was also spending her time in Brisbane at the same time. I wonder if they crossed paths while they were there!

Bhaktisiddhanta Swami, aka, Bill Crockett
. from USA.

Bhaktisiddhanta Swami was a puppet of Devamrita Swami and Kirtananada
He was in Australia and New Zealand with devamrita swami dressed in those franciscan robes, and preaching against Srila Prabhupada.

Before this he was seen wearing black dhoti, and carrying a black bead bag.Has been implicated in making false social security cards for devotees to fraudulently collect money for devamrita. Now he's back within Iskcon as a swami and worshipped as good as God. After a tiff with devamrita, hanging out with jayapataka and preaching in iskcon Temples in Australia. He is now a part of the Iskcon mob. Most Iskcon devotees do not know this.


Who is Devamrita Swami ?


(The Jenny Craig version)
Dear Prabhus & Matas
Please accept our humble obeisances. All Glories to Srila Prabhupada
Who is Devamrita Swami, and what is his connection to the GBC published book: Not That I am Poisoned (NTIP) ?
Devamrita's story is a sad one, much like the sparrow who rebelled against ordinance and refused to fly south for the winter. With frozen wings he fell to earth and into a pile of dung.  Seeing himself safe and warm he chirruped with confidence.  Along came a cat dug him out and swallowed him whole.  Motto of story:  If someone causes you to fall into dung, he isn't necessarily your enemy, if someone digs you out, he's not necessarily your friend. But most importantly; if you find yourself in dung and it feels warm and comfortable, just shut up and enjoy it.  But Devamrita, dripping goo, never could shut up
After Srila Prabhupada's disappearance, a power-struggle ensued within the ISKCON hierarchy.  Kirtanananda Swami (a.k.a Keith Ham), who was at Prabhupada's Palace (West Virginia), broke away from the main group, seized the property, took all his harem with him and continued life as a homosexual / paedophile / murdererSometime later, Ham's 'hit-man' Tirtha das (a.k.a. Dreschen) was caught and confessed to being instructed by his boss (Keith Ham) to murder.  Both are now serving sentences in a federal penitentiaryBesides his murderous tendencies, Ham, while acting in loco parentis, constantly pawed little children, and was even discovered having sex with a male disciple in the back of a van en route to a spiritual conference.  By all accounts, this Ham comes from the rear end of a pig.
Somewhere at the epicentre of Ham's madness was Devamrita.  A  'sannyasi' (in the robes of a Franciscan monk), he functioned in an advisory capacity to the group.  His presence condoned Ham's perversions.  It is not only a fact that he was with the group, but he was a strong supporter of its diabolical leader.  Devamrita was seen on international TV ( 'Holy Cow Swami,' ), unshaven and wearing a Friar Tuck cassock, defending his boss... Rotten Hood (Keith Ham)
So, the questions are; 1) What was Devamrita doing wearing Friar Tuck's old threads in RottingHam ?  2) Why had he deviated from the teachings of Srila Prabhupada ?  3) How was it, while others were being killed for speaking out against Ham's monstrosities, Devamrita was playing self-appointed Devil's Advocate?  4) Why?  5) How did he find his way back to ISKCON and become an Officer-for Life on its Governing Body Commission ?  6) Don't the GBC know what Devamrita was up to?  7) Haven't the GBC been doing the same nonsense as Devamrita for two and a half decades?  8) Are they birds of a feather ? 
For a man who claims to have been educated at Princeton University (PU), Devamrita (evidently) is naive, if not dumb.  What other explanation could there be for his ignorance where others were aware?  Especially, when we take into account his esteemed position within the group.  The only other explanation could be: He had an ante in the groups cohesion.  But Ham buggered everything, including Devamrita's prospects as future leader of the Friar Tucks / Hare Krsna splinter.  When the murder charges moved Ham out, ISKCON (already crowded with its own degenerates) came rushing in.  An amnesty was offered and Devamrita (shedding his dual denominational disorder) accepted.  Overnight, he re-donned his saffrons, grabbed his trusty staff, and began masquerading like he had never impersonated Friar Tuck ( the Jenny Craig version).  Easy as that.  Now he is a feverish member of the "Free Tuck" band of  merry-men. A satellite of the ISKCON "Good-Bye-Charity" (GBC) program.  
This brings us to Devamrita's role in writing the "Introduction" for the GBC book:  'Not That I am Poisoned' (NTIP)........It's a hand-lickin ' thank you ' to his masters for taking him back and obliterating his jaunt into the outre.  A kind of assurance that he wouldn't go sniffing around again.  Now, Devamrita isn't ignoring the truth (like he did as Ham's lieutenant).  Now he attacks it (his PU educated teeth bared) whenever his GBC masters give the order.  And his masters have shown their approval....he's been made Governing Body Commissioner for South America.  However, we at BIF, don't give a fig what pet food ISKCON feeds Devamrita, we'll constipate him if he lifts his tail and spreads his legs in our backyard.  And he has, so we will.

A look at the "Introduction' to: "Not That I am Poisoned,"  (NTIP).
By Devamrita 'Swami'. (His words are darted thus: >>  << )
>>You shouldn't need to read this book. In 1977 the resplendent truth shone with blazing clarity.<< 
No. BIF agrees, we shouldn't have to read this book.  It's a lie too late.  The BBT book "Conversations with Srila Prabhupada" Volume 36, confirm that Srila Prabhupada believed he was poisoned.  Everybody attending Srila Prabhupada believed he was poisoned.  The audio tapes T-44, 45 & 46 confirm this to be true.  Every forensic test undertaken since, confirms the poison / whispers as fact.  We now know that the truth was buried for over two decades.  Finally, when the tumblers fall in place, the oh-too -busy/lazy GBC, promotes this book (NTIP)  without even checking to see if the data in the book is true.  Why don't these Devamrita fellows fix the toilet instead of spraying perfume?
>>We have read and reread the Lilamrita, meditated upon the diaries, studied the folio, and dabbled in the video-taped memoirs. <<
Yes, it's a well known fact that the GBC has more time and money than brains. But they still can't get it right. Who is this "WE"  Devamrita alludes to ?  Are they the same oracular "WE" that Tamal Krsna refers to in his book "TKG's Diary" ?  Here's what he had to say:  ""We did not go searching for a murderer because we concluded there was no murder." (NTIP, page 146).   It appears that the "WE" being referred to by both Devamrita and Tamal Krsna, must surely be members of the same uncertified consortium.  Because, if readers are to believe the certified experts (and why not?); there was a conspiracy to murder.  Here are just two quotes:  (1) There is conversation about poison and the use of it.  In my opinion there is certainly a basis for further investigation .[....]. A forensic toxicologist and Homicide investigator should be consulted.  (OWL Investigations, Inc)  (2)  ""The arsenic concentration found (in Srila Prabhupada's hair) was 2.6 micrograms arsenic per gram of hair (or 2.6 parts per million i.e. 2.6 ppm). The concentration is approximately 20 times higher than what I would consider a normal average for unexposed individuals..."  Dr. J. Stephen Morris (Ph.D.) Lauder, Nuclear Analysis Program. University of Missouri-Columbia. 
Devamrita's 'dabbling' has little to do with the truth.  He is simply a victim of agnosia; a prerequisite for GBC gangland membership.
>>Reminding us that we will have our own appointment with death, Srila Prabhupada said, "Don't think this isn't going to happen to you."<<
When we understand that Devamrita is trying to defend his GBC bosses from allegations of murder, and when we realise that the chief suspect is Tamal Krsna, and when we read Tamal Krsna's diary " Prabhupada disclosed his thoughts that someone had poisoned him." (TKG's Diary, page 340), we know that Devamrita is hard of understanding, or just another GBC contraindicate.
>>The transcendental and pure departure of Prabhupada is a divine monument for ISKCON. He displayed for us a disappearance equal to the greatest passings in Bhagavata history.<<
Srila Prabhupada's departure was transcendental and pure only because of he himself.  Otherwise, the evidence points to murder;  pre-meditated and cowardly. When we understand how so many saints were assassinated, this does not in anyway minimise the spiritual stature of His Divine Grace.  To the contrary, it shows once again his elite status.  But, we should not permit the assassins to escape justice.  They are the scum of the earth. The plague-bearing sewer-rats of God's creation.  Their species should never be permitted to multiply or the spiritual process will asphyxiate. 
>>The fortunate devotees who personally tended Srila Prabhupada in his last days, as well as those who prayed for his health from afar, would never claim parity with the personalities who surrounded Bhismadeva and Thakura Haridasa. Yet, any nonenvious devotee who sincerely meditates on accounts of Prabhupada's passing cannot deny a transcendental fact: extraordinary rivers of loving reciprocation overflowed. Prabhupada's leaving this world was a rare pool of bhakti, into which Krishna, Prabhupada, and the devotees dived together.<<
Mumbo Jumbo !  Devamrita is giving us the old Bronx shuffle. Here's the 'pool of bhakti'  Devamrita wont dive into, because, there is only one way out.
Final Pastimes of Srila Prabhupada. By Tamal Krsna. 82p:
Bhavananda: " Prabhupada seems to want to die. As if he's welcoming death with open arms......" 
Tamal Krsna: "This is the dilemma: As his disciples it is our duty to serve his "desires," but how can we help him fulfil this "desire." By which act do we prove our love?"  
Tamala Krsna: " Now on one hand we could take it...give him that medicine (poison) or let him stop death...until death, we could have done that." (Taped conversation dated 11/77 between Tamal Krsna and Satasvarupa das, in which Tamal Krsna claims that Srila Prabhupada wanted Tamal Krsna to kill him by administering poison).

Tamala Krsna (to Prabhupada) : "NOW YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE WHICH SUICIDE." ("Conversations" vol 36 p378).

Srila Prabhupada: " That is my only request, that at the last stage don't torture and put me to death..." ("Conversations" 3/11/77).
Bhakticaru: (quote) "Someone gave him poison here!!" (Con. V36, 367p)

TKG's Diary: 257p: (quote) "All night Prabhupada had passed urine full of puss and blood clots." (unquote)

TKG's Diary: 340:p (quote) " We asked Srila Prabhupada later what was the cause of his mental disturbance. Prabhupada disclosed his thoughts that someone has poisoned him."(unquote)

Prabhupada: "Now it has become unbearable. Why am I suffering like this?" (TKG's Diary 338 p).

We hope that Devamrita  can (at some point) dive into this rare pool of bhakti with us and scrub off the GBC hogwash.  It is no secret any longer: (a)  Prabhupada said he was poisoned (TKG: 340), (b) everyone there accepted it without question (T-45/B). (c) Arsenic was found in his hair clippings (confirmed by forensic analysis. VNN5599 / 5605).  (d) Whispers around his death-bed, revealed (by three separate forensic analysts) a conspiracy to poison him ( Mitchell / Macaffery / Owens).  (e) He was entombed (illegally) without a death certificate.  Furthermore, (f) Herzig claimed (taped conversation. 11/77) that Prabhupada requested to be euthanised by him.  Also, and of grave importance, there was very strong motive for murder.
>>By Srila Prabhupada's choosing to depart in such a heart-wringing way, he so mercifully bequeathed to us a legacy of divine love. <<
Divine love to thug love?  Here read for yourself: Tamal Krsna: "Jayatirtha das was found to be taking LSD and was guilty of sexual transgressions. Hamsadutta Swami, in a much publicised case, was discovered amassing weapons, and was also found to be sexually promiscuous Tamal Krishna Goswami, the leader of a large number of sannyasi and brahmacari preachers, had insisted that he was now their via media in relating to Prabhupada and expected that his godbrothers follow him absolutely"  (A Hare Krsna at Southern Methodist University.  By Tamal Krsna : 305p).  The truth is; ISKCON is an aggravation of shotgun daivas and subordinate doormats.  Should the doormats excel at hiding dirt, they are transformed by GBC alchemy into bag-men or officers-for -life.  This means a ride on the ISKCON gravy-train 'til death.  Basically translated this means, you get more than your fair share for doing very little, or nothing at all.  However, it is most important that members and their cohorts (a) spread GBC propaganda at every opportunity (b) scream, "Vaisnava aparadha!!" should anyone attempt removing the GBC domino, and (c) pretend to be fully cognizant even when others see them as non compos mentis.
>>The months leading up to his passing gave us a taste of the perfect reciprocation available on the pure spiritual plane. But nothing is too sacred for Kali's fiendish schemes. Into this cherished sanctum of Prabhupada's pastimes, the bold darkness of Kali seeks access. <<
We disagree with Devamrita in so much as, Kali did not just seek access but found it :-
Prabhupada : " And this is also suicidal....[....]...The Ravana will kill and Rama will kill. Better to be killed by Rama. Eh?" ("Conversations" vol 36 p378).
Kaviraja: (quote) "Listen, this is the understanding that some raksasa (may) have given (poison) (Bhakticaru: "Someone gave him poison here!" ) ......Caru swami (Bhakticaru: "Yes" )..some raksasa has given (poison). This can happen. It's not impossible. This is what Srila Prabhupada is saying then there must be some truth in it. In this there is no doubt." (unquote) (Translated from Tape 45, Side B).
So, what Devamrita calls Kali, Srila Prabhupada calls Ravana.  What Srila Prabhupada calls Ravana, the kaviraja refers to as 'raksasa',  and what the kaviraja refers to as 'raksasa.'  BIF calls........well, the fully cognisant GBC wallahs know what we call him.  Maybe they have the same thoughts as us.  We have not seen a single eulogy to Tamal Krsna by any member of the GBC
to date.  Nor will there be any for Bhakticaru or Jayapataka, what to speak of Bhavananda.
>>Now the Age of Quarrel wants us to believe that Prabhupada's servants - hankering for his post - killed him with poison.<<
Both, the Age of Quarrel and the evidence tell us; Prabhupada's servants (hankering for his post & assets) killed him with poison.   This is why the GBC will not permit a professional and unbiased investigation into the murder.  What other reason could there be?   If there was no crime why so much lies?  Propaganda?  Resistance?  Our advice to the GBC is, do now with a shovel what you will need a bulldozer to do later.  Here are some more 'Age of Quarrel' facts:
Bhakticaru: Therefore, with all sincerity, I say that we are losing everything because we had been thinking that Srila Prabhupada is now dead and gone, and we started to claim our shares of our inheritance." ( (20/11/'01)
SP: " Of all the GBC, he," indicating Tamala Krsna Maharaja (Herzig) with a tip of his head, "is the most intelligent. But the problem is, those with intelligence want to control everything. And he wants to control the whole Society." (Excerpt from : "A Transcendental Diary" by Hari Sauri dasa). 
Tamal Krsna: " Indeed. Lord Caitanya had given an open order for all to "become a spiritual master and try to liberate everyone in this land." But a succession of 'all' is a succession of none." (A Hare Krsna at Southern Methodist University 289p).
Bhakticaru: Tamal Krsna Maharaj has a very heavy side...[.....]...Anyone who knows him knows well how aggressive and demanding he can be and to live with him for seven months was not always easy for me, to say the least." (NTIP 122/23p)
Krsna dasa: "I have had many personal dealings with TKG over many years. I was in a meeting with him in Calcutta in 1972. When he was the GBC man for India. He was then of the opinion that Srila Prabhupada, was not a vital part of ISKCON going forward. Especially in India at that time, he said that people came to see the white devotees dance and chant, not to hear Srila Prahupada. I was very surprised by his remarks, but there were many more statements of this nature to be expressed by TKG over the years. I think his actions and opinions over the years have not changed much. Unfortunately he led a life of a politician and missed out on the big picture. Any way I wish him well and hope he has taken a better birth this time." ( 23/3/02).
Tamal Krsna:  " Prabhupada used the word "survive." Do we merely want him to "survive" as he has been doing all these months?" ( The Final Pastimes of Srila Prabhupada," (FPSP) a book by Tamal Krsna. 45p)
Tamal Krsna: " ..... Yet these torturous months have forced me to wish Prabhupada serene..." (FPSP. 43P) 
Tamala Krsna (Herzig): " ......give him that medicine (poison) .....until death,... we could have done that." (T-11/77) 
Srila Prabhuada " That talk...someone has poisoned me." (T-45 side B)
Here once again is proof that the Age of Quarrel was there at Srila Prabhupada's bedside.  Tamal Krsna knew it.  His only concern was.....  who informed Srila Prabhupada.
 1) "Was it Krsna das?" (T-44/A). (2) "Who said that Srila Prabhupada?" (T44/A). (3) "Srila Prabhupada? You said before that....., that it is said that you were poisoned? (T44/B). (4) "Did anyone tell you that, or you know it from before?" (T44/B). (5) "Ah, I see. That's why actually we cannot allow anyone else to cook for you." (T44/B). (6) "Prabhupada was thinking that someone had poisoned him." (T45/B). (7) "Srila Prabhupada, Sastriji says that there must be some truth to it if you say that. So who has poisoned?" (T45/B). (8) "No poison is strong enough to stop the Harinam, Srila Prabhupada." (T45/B). (9) "We asked Srila Prabhupada later what was the cause of his mental disturbance. Prabhupada disclosed his thoughts that someone has poisoned him."  (TKG's D: 340)
So why is it that Devamrita cannot/will not accept?   How is it that these guru wallahs, good-as-God, are so blind deaf and dumb to the obvious?
>>A few times, according to the tale, he gave verbal hints: "someone is poisoning me." The Internet and a home-published book have spread this fetid brew around the ISKCON world.<<
The whole problem with the GBC's attempt to whitewash the 'poison issue' is that it's being done with brawn not brains.  Had anyone (from ISKCON's top-heavy elite) done the least investigation necessary, they would never have staked their defence on a tiny group of incompetent deceivers whose chicanery smells like a dead horse that can't be flogged.  Devamrita makes the same silly assumption here as Bhakticaru did in his ' testimony.'  He tells us, ' The Internet and a home-published book have spread this fetid brew around the ISKCON world.'  The truth is quite the opposite.  It was the fetid brew spread in Srila Prabhupada's medicine/food/milk that gave rise to the book and internet forums. To be precise, the rumours started from the lips of His Divine Grace back in ' 77 (on the 8th of Nov). Here are his exact words and consequent reactions:-
Srila Prabhupada: "Ka bole je poison korechhe......hote pare." ("Someone said (I have) been poisoned's possible." (Tape-44, side A). 
Prabhupada: "Stop the medicine." (Con: 115).
Tamal Krsna: "Yes. First we had that Madhva...not Madhva. Ramanuji came from Sri Rangaji temple, and he seemed to be a cheater. Then this one....We got this medicine from that sakta-kaviraja, and that medicine turned out to be poison. And now this kaviraja....." (Con: 149)
Prabhupada: "The kaviraja's medicine is complete failure" (215 p). 
Tamal Krsna: "Prabhupada complained about a feeling of intoxication, but this was explained away as being due to taking glucose and protein ...." (TKG's Diary. Page 251)
Prabhupada: "... Things are deteriorating. Weakness.....I am puzzled." ( 299 p).
Prabhupada: "That is the only hope. When I first took medicine, I thought it would give strength, but instead I am passing stool." ( 301 p)
Tamal Krsna: "We had waited so long for this makaradhvaja; and now it had turned into poison" ( 304 p).
Tamal Krsna:  "Satadhanya had also arranged earlier for the makaradhvaja, which had proved poisonous....." ( 306p)Prabhupada: " I say no medicine.....If it is working, why I don't feel strength?" ( 318 p).
Prabhupada: " I am not improving in strength.......I can't see how I can gain strength.....But I am losing will power because practically I see I am losing my strength......I am becoming hopeless.....( 326 p).7)
Tamal Krsna: "Today, after passing stool five times, Prabhupada said that all medicine should be stopped" ( 329 p)
Tamal Krsna: "Let us call the kaviraja." Prabhupada: "What is the use?" ( 330 p)
Tamal Krsna: "Prabhupada was becoming increasing weaker, despite the medicine" ( 332 p)
Prabhupada :"Someone said I have been poisoned" ( 335 p)
Prabhupada: "These kind of symptoms are seen when a man is poisoned" ( 336 p)
Prabhupada: "Now it has become unbearable. Why am I suffering like this?" (338 p).
Prabhupada: "Either Ravana will kill, or Rama will kill. Better to be killed by Rama" (345 p).
Tamal Krsna: "Do you think that we could be so callous as to have heard Prabhupada say "I have been poisoned," and not be concerned? Of course we were concerned."  (NTIP 146P)
Devamrita's 'fetid brew' started flowing when Srila Prabhupada said he was poisoned (T-44/A), everyone there accepted it without question (T-44, 45, 46).  Arsenic was found in his hair clippings (confirmed by forensic analysis. VNN5599 / 5605). Whispers around his death-bed revealed (by three separate forensic analysts) a conspiracy to poison him ( Mitchell / Macaffery / Owens).  He was entombed (illegally) without a death certificate.  Furthermore, Herzig claimed (taped conversation. 11/77) that Prabhupada requested to be euthanised by him.  Fetid brew or what?

>>As Satsvarupa das Goswami eloquently writes in the Lilamrita: "Prabhupada knew, even better than his disciples, that there was much he could do if he remained in the world, but he simply wanted to see what Krishna desired. He saw strong evidence, however, that his life was about to end, at least according to the condition of his physical body, and this in itself indicated that Krishna's desire was that he soon leave this world.<<

Satsvarupa, just like Devamrita, belongs to the good-as-god club, ergo, has a liscence-to-speculate.  Here is the true documented position: Tamal Krsna: "His Divine Grace said that Krishna had given him the decision whether to stay or not." (NTIP 146P).  And Krsna did want Prabhupada to stay. Here is the evidence in Prabhupada's own words: ) Tamal Krsna"But the astrologer said you could live beyond the six months." Prabhupada: "That depends on Krsna's desire." Tamal Krsna: " Do you have any indication whether Krsna wants you to live?" Prabhupada: " The indication is that He wants me to live." (TKG's Diary: 153)Okay. So the next question is, if Krsna wanted Srila Prabhupada to live why didn't he?  Once again, we use Srila Prabhupada's words to find the answer : Tamal Krsna: "We don't can't leave us now."  Prabhupada: "I don't want, but if there is force...." (TKG's Diary: 246).  So, Krsna wanted His Divine Grace to stay, and Srila Prabhupada also wanted to stay, then, who used ' force' to make him go?   This is the documented evidence, why is Devamrita quoting the 'eloquent' speculations of Satsvarupa?

>>A devotee protested that Krishna is the supreme controller. Prabhupada acknowledged the almighty role of the Supreme, but pointed out the routine medical fact: "The brain is working, but the body is not allowing. Don't worry. Everyone will die today or tomorrow. I am also an old man. There is nothing to be regretted. It is up to Krishna."<<

And with this twisted, ad hoc, 'spiritual' insight, Devamrita would like us to accept that Srila Prabhupada was saying, " Don't worry, Krsna's gave me poison, so don't bother investigating."

>>He said devotees could daily pray: "If You want him to stay, please cure him, and if not, please take him away. We are fully surrendered to You. Now it depends on Your desire to keep him alive or let him leave this world."<<
Yes, and eye-witnesses tell us that Srila Prabhupada also said,  "You are all here praying for me to live and 'they' are in the next room praying for me to die."  But, as the evidence indicates prayer was not enough, poison was used as well.
>>The devotees huddled, and then tearfully returned to Prabhupada, desperately begging him to stay. After deep consideration, followed by a noncommittal yawn, Prabhupada replied, "All right" - as if concluding an insignificant topic. Devotees have crowned this moment as history's most casual decision on life or death. And Prabhupada did stay, for another month of the most profound loving exchanges.<<
If we are to follow this line of reasoning, two points must be clarified and accepted: 1)  Srila Prabhupada had total control over his life and death, and 2)  He tarried death so he could have ' the most profound loving exchanges.'  Okay. Srila Prabhupada tells us (and so does Devamrita) that it was up to Krsna whether he would stay or not.  So, we can conclude that it was Krsna whom allowed His Divine Grace to stay for another month.  Now, the questions come thick and fast:  1)  Why did Srila Prabhupada believe a ' Ravana ' was able to kill him ? SP: "Either Ravana will kill, or Rama will kill. Better to be killed by Rama. Eh?" (T-46, A)).  2) Was it Sri Krsna whom Srila Prabhupada felt may torture and kill him at the last stage ? ( SP: "That is my only request, that at the last stage don't torture and put me to death..." ("Conversations" 3/11/77)).  3Was it Sri Krsna whom tortured Srila Prabhupada ? (SP: "Now it has become unbearable. Why am I suffering like this?" (TKG's Diary  338 p)).  4)  Did Sri Krsna give Srila Prabhupada poison ? ( SP "......Someone has given poison." (T-44/A)).  Tamal Krsna"....Someone had poisoned him." (TKG's Diary, pg: 340)).  Bhakticaru: "Someone gave him poison here." ( T- 45, B)).  5)  Was it Sri Krsna who decided that no investigation should be conducted? ("WE did not go searching for a murderer because WE concluded there was no murder." (NTIP. Page-146)).   6) Was it Sri Krsna who put 2.6ppm of arsenic into His Divine Grace (twenty times higher than normal), and was heard whispering " the poisons going down" ( Forensics by: Morris/Callery/Mitchell / Macaffery / Owens).?  And finally, 7)  Is it Sri Krsna or Ravan, who attempts to stifle investigations by publishing bogus lies and propaganda like the GBC book: "Not That I am Poisoned" ?  
Now for point two:  Besides the one, single, solitary quote that was made in Bengali to Krsna das Babaji Maharaja ( SP: "Babaji Maharaja, dekhchen to era kirom bhabe, bhalobashe?" (T-46,B)), we cannot find any 'profound loving exchanges' documented in the last month prior to Srila Prabhupada's disappearance.  Maybe Devamrita, Bhakticaru et al, can enlighten us with what they mean by ' the most profound loving exchanges.'   BIF firmly believes this to be a pathetic GBC attempt to flood the crime-scene with jerked tears.  There are no 'profound loving exchanges.'  In fact, readers/listeners (studying documents and tapes ) will discover that Srila Prabhupada's 'exchanges' with his senior disciples (in those last days) were ominous to say the least. 
>>How many of us know that scientists specializing in toxin analysis agree that even arsenic levels up to 10 ppm can be considered normal? For example in Mexico City and Glasgow, scientific studies have clearly shown that hair of the normal population averages an arsenic content of 4.8 ppm and 3 ppm respectively. Larry Kovar from General Activation Analysis, one of the preeminent labs in the world, wryly nailed the coffin shut for the arsenic idiocy: "For your information, my hair has about 3 ppm arsenic - the last time I tested it (I'm still alive, I hope)." << 
Here, Devamrita, just like his GBC buddies, trips over the spear-end of his tail.  We have discovered that the only folk who consider 10ppm arsenic to be 'normal' are the ill-informed GBC wallahs.  BIF has Mr Larry Kovar (mentioned by Devamrita in the above statement) on record.  He told us he had no idea what the chronic averages were.  He only dealt with dead-as-dodo acute cases.  We posted our exchange with Mr. Kovar on ( 'Poisoning' - BIF Archives). Please take some time to read it. Here is an excerpt:

(quote) "After three requests, he confirmed his inaccuracy of the e-mail to the GBC author, indirectly admitting his inconsistency. Writing back to Mr. Kovar and pointing out that his opinion of normal being 0.1 to 10 ppm did not concur with scientific findings in toxicological literature, he reluctantly and partially conceded: "Some of the references indicate that "normal" is 1 ppm arsenic, depending on several factors including diet and occupation." "The data can be found in the scientific literature." "Please note that I have data on acute poisoning, not chronic." Hardly an expert, wouldn't you say? It appears he was confused between chronic and acute levels of poisoning, and it is clear that Mr. Kovar is not an expert in normal hair arsenic values. He essentially concedes as much, and thus his differing opinions have been effectively retracted by he himself, and should be given no further credence. Although Mr. Kovar was a nice fellow, it turns out that Dr. Morris' estimation of normal levels of hair arsenic was the correct one after all." (unquote)

>>The Whispers Time-Waster: Here the imagination finds no reins. Listen carefully and speculate. You, in your own home, can play FBI and catch the bumbling killers surrounding Prabhupada. Hear them blurt out their evil deed on tape. Next, you can jump on the Internet and vilify the ISKCON leader of your choice.<<
Here, Devamrita demonstrates how an educated man, lacking application, can end up wasting an inheritance.  First, he swore allegiance to a murdering paedophile, and now, to the ship-of- fools.  Truth is, BIF has nothing to speculate with.  We gave our all to ISKCON.  Now, all that remains is the Truth.  The Truth is (as we have repeatedly stated), three FBI recommended forensic experts have confirmed the 'poison whispers' as fact.   And what did the GBC do to try and mitigate these revelations ? They trapped an unsuspecting "expert" and credited him with statements he never made in an attempt to hoodwink us.  When BIF operatives smelt a rat, we contracted an international detective agency.  Please read www.b-i-f,org  (Archive BIF Reports: BIF-4) for  details.  Here are some excerpts from the detective agency reports, and recorded statements by the GBC "expert."
1) Neil Has no accredited qualifications in Audio Forensics and has been misquoted in the publication "Not That I am Poisoned."
(Summary: The International Detective Agency)

>>What about those startling tapes said to contain whispers of the word "poison" in the background? Relax. They are from the very same day that the bad medicine was publicly discussed by Prabhupada and the devotees. Naturally the devotees, among themselves, were quietly trying to piece together the exact purport of what the founder-acarya was conveying.<<

Devamrita should abandon his concerns regarding the word 'poison' in the  background.  We have already acquired "PROFESSIONAL" statements on the background whispers.  For Devamrita to piece together the exact purport of what the founder-acarya was conveying, he will need to first understand the voices in the foreground.  Here they are:
Srila Prabhupada (SP): (Hindi) Koi bolta hai je, koi poison deya hai.
Trans: Someone says that, somebody has given (me) poison.
Kaviraja: Kisko?
Trans: (to) Whom?
SP: Mujhko.
Trans: (to) To me.
Kaviraja: Kaun bolta hai?
Trans: Who is saying?
SP: Ye saab friends.
Trans: All these friends.
Now, since no one has written about, talked about, or identified this choir of poison proclaimers, we must conclude; His Divine Grace was referring to the "poison whisperers," who have since been identified by our forensic experts.
By "All these friends," His Divine Grace is telling us, " the ones who are here."   The ones who were there can easily be identified by the very same audio tape on which His Divine Grace makes the statement (T-44/A).  They are his disciples. Not strangers.  And this is the exact purport of what the founder-acarya was conveying.
>>Advanced Diabetes, Plain and Simple: The poison folk like to play doctor. After they scare you with arsenic and whispers, then what comes next? Amateur, almost childish medical claims comprise the remainder of their campaign.<<
BIF has shown how the book produced an arsenic 'expert' without the expertise,..... an 'expert' sound analyst who wasn't..., now we will deal with the NTIP medical malady. (For complete report, read, Editorials BIF Updates: " Blamed for What??")
>>Probably most of us will just turn to the official statement by Doctor Andrew McIrvine. He was the surgeon who operated on Srila Prabhupada in England, September 8, 1977<<
Official statement ??  Operation??  We have looked everywhere for this "official statement."  All we could find were these two sentences on page 45 of the GBC book (NTIP): (quote) "He was obviously in poor health and showed signs of renal failure and was found to be diabetic. These diagnosis were made on clinical suspicion confirmed by blood and urine analysis." (unquote). Is this the 'official statement' Devamrita is pointing at?  It must be, there's nothing else.  We have also noticed on the rear cover of the GBC book (NTIP) this statement:  (quote) "There is no evidence that Srila Prabhupada was poisoned by his disciples or anyone else.  This conclusion rests on an exhaustive examination of the testimony of....his doctor's reports" (unquote).  We would like to know, WHO WAS SRILA PRABHUPADA'S DOCTOR? AND WHERE ARE THESE 'REPORTS' ?   As for the 'operation,' just in case folks out there think it was a life-or-death situation, here's the truth: 
Dr McIrvine: " ....we persuaded him (SP) to have a circumcision to relieve the problem, which I carried out in the ER under local anaesthetic.  He made a good recovery from this and was able to pass urine normally following the procedure." (NTIP 46p). Okay.  Let's go on.
>>By physical examination, he had immediately perceived that Prabhupada's dangerous state of health came from advanced diabetes, resulting in severe damage to the kidneys and other systemic problems.<<
Dr. McIrvine never mentioned anything about 'Prabhupada's dangerous state of health.'   Nor did he say anything about severe damage to the kidneys.  Nor did he form his diagnosis simply  By physical examination.  Devamrita is making it up as he goes along.  We have already shown how 'Prabhupada's dangerous state of health'  was fixed by Dr. McIrvine in the Emergency Room under a local anaesthetic, this has been confirmed by Devamrita himself (quoting from TKG's Diary):  (quote) "We came out of the hospital and returned by ambulance to the Manor. To everybody's satisfaction, Prabhupada passed urine without difficulty. Prabhupada said, "He is a very good doctor. Had we been in India, in Vrindavana, this could never have been performed." (unquote) The good doctor did say the Srila Prabhupada's renal failure was well advanced and irreversible.  But that did not mean death.  There were options open.  However, the most damning fact was that neither options nor second opinions were sought.  Instead, His Divine Grace was locked away in a little room in Vrindavan (far away from Dr McIrvine, and denied proper treatment) with disciples who had no clue about diabetes, renal failure, phimosis, diet, medication, or professional care. Now they want to tell us he had a " Personal Surgeon" (Dr. McIrvine) who had "Confirmed Diabetes to Blame" for Srila Prabhupada's demise (Chapter 2 NTIP).  Anyway, BIF contacted Dr. A. McIrvine.  Here is the Dr's statement (in red) with our comments in brackets:
He came only to the emergency Room in Watford so would not have had full hospital notes opened.
(This shows positively; Dr. McIrvine was not "Srila Prabhupada's Surgeon," as captioned by Hooper)
I am afraid this is all from memory rather than actual records - but as you can imagine he was a very memorable patient
(There were no actual records on poison tests (read below) could he "Confirm: Diabetes to blame?")

I would probably have done just simple tests, Hb, BUN, electrolytes
(These tests have nothing to do with blood-testing for poison)
"....but unfortunately there was never any suspicion of poisoning at the time and no test would have been done to substantiate the argument in either direction."
(And here we have the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth)

Not wanting to waste the opportunity in obtaining a true expert's opinion, we asked the doctor a few questions. This is what he had to say: (Our questions in blue, the doctor's answers in red, comments in black)

What type of blood and urine analyses were done? Would those samples or a tissue sample still be available for further testing?
He came only to the emergency Room in Watford so would not have had full hospital notes opened. In the National Health Service we usually only keep records for 7 years max. I would probably have done just simple tests, Hb, BUN, electrolytes, I do not think we would have kept tissue samples.

2. Could not poisoning have exacerbated his diabetes and renal failure?

3. A diagnosis of diabetes would not preclude the possibility of concurrent poisoning, would it?
(NO!! The doctor diagnosed diabetes to be the cause of renal failure. He never...."Confirmed Diabetes to Blame" for Srila Prabhupada's death. It could well have been....".....concurrent poisoning.")

4. One of the symptoms of chronic arsenic poisoning is the thickening of skin in certain places of the body: could this possibly explain his most unusual degree of phimosis?
very unlikely - this looked like a gradual problem probably developing over very many years.
(it still doesn't mean "no poison")

5. Unless arsenic is confirmed by certain specific tests, could it not be possible to miss it entirely? And would not arsenic poisoning itself cause or exacerbate diabetes and renal failure?
Yes and possibly

(YES! Poison could be missed entirely unless "confirmed by specific tests."  And YES again (Not possibly. Check question two) arsenic does exacerbate diabetes and renal failure)

best wishes
Andrew McIrvine

BIF begs readers to take some time and read "Editorials BIF Updates: " Blamed for What??"   It will open your eyes to the ruthless scamming by those who are determined never to acquiesce to justice for His Divine Grace. 

>>Naturally we will question: how could someone concoct this poison madness! How many of our dear fellow devotees temporarily fell victim to this smut campaign? And why so much time and energy wasted, out of necessity, debating this crazy idea? While praying for the rectification of those struck down by this epidemic, we should help them to recover.<<

NO ONE ! Not a single person, asked His Divine Grace why he was concocting this poison madness.  Where was Devamrita when Srila Prabhupada told Tamal Krsna he was being poisoned: Tamal Krsna: "Prabhupada disclosed his thoughts that someone had poisoned him" (TKG's Diary, page 340).  Where was Devamrita when Bhakticaru admitted: "SOMEONE GAVE HIM POISON HERE.!!" ( T-45, B).  Where was Devamrita when the kaviraja accepted the truth:  (Translation) : "Maharaji, You know how you said that someone has given you poison?"  (T-45,B). And..." If he's saying that he is being poisoned there must be some truth to it. There's no doubt." (T-45, B).  Where was Devamrita when Srila Prabhupada said that a Ravana would kill him unless he got away from that little room in Vrindavan?  Where was Devamrita when his Divine Grace said: " That same talk, someone has poisoned me" ??  Etc, etc, etc, etc..  As for the victims of Devamrita's smut campaign; every weed imaginable has stemmed from this single act of parricide.  Every Prabhupadanuga is a victim of the GBC smut being exposed on TV screens internationally.  It's ok for Devamrita, he's been in a few smutfests in his time, but there are many who simply cannot tolerate it any longer.  Naveen Krsna prabhu hits it on the head when he asks: (quote) "Ravana steals Sita...but only the false Sita. (Is there a false ISKCON in a similar way...stolen by Ravana?). Then what and where is the real Iskcon?" (unquote).  While Devamrita is praying for the rectification of those struck down by this epidemic,  ISKCON is being viewed by the world as a cult of frauds, fornicators, and child molesters.  To Devamrita we offer an old Bengali saying: " You think your sh.. doesn't stink, but your fa.. gives you away." 

>>Certainly the slanderous poison campaign - specifically directed at them - has brought them anguish. Importantly, what about the pain borne by their sincere followers?<<

Anyone following our reports will see that the sincere followers have produced a book (NTIP) which is a study in demoncraft.  And, the GBC has endorsed it. Who are these sincere followers, and who are they following?  

>>Nevertheless, forced to cope with the poison mongers' agenda, we have all suffered an immeasurable loss<<

What does the  poison mongers' agenda (?) have to do with ISKCON's immeasurable loss ?  It's the GBC gurus who are to blame for murdering people, taking drugs, having sex with little children, with taxi-drivers, gun-running, embezzling funds, having sex with disciples, the wives of disciples, running off with young girls, beating and banning sadhus from temples, decapitations, court cases, blackmail, etc,etc,etc, etc.  What is the profit for the poison mongers ?  Only truth and justice can win.  The revelations will effect ISKCON management alone.  A total overhaul will most certainly follow.  Even though there are many within the Society's infrastructure who wish the change regardless, only an honest investigation into Srila Prabhupada's disappearance can give clear spiritual direction.  To do this, we must ask forgiveness for our indifference, educate ourselves with the documented evidence he left for us, and rise up with one voice. 
>>For ISKCON as a whole, the best response is that we look deeply within ourselves. How much do I harbor within myself the potential for malicious envy and ill will toward other devotees of the Lord?<<
What Devamrita is saying here is that anyone pursuing the truth into Srila Prabhupada's murder, is harbouring malice, envy and ill will towards Tamal Krsna (deceased) and the other suspects who are in fact his bosses.  Yet, we see only documented evidence being put forward by those who are concerned with the crime.  Whereas, all we get from the GBC camp is lies and sentimental ramblings.  Here are some quotes from Tamal Krsna's 'Diary."  Does he sound envious, malicious and ill willed towards Srila Prabhupada?  Make up your own mind.

(a) Gradually, I have seen that Srila Prabhupada is no longer chanting japa on his beads. Many years ago, he was chanting sixty- four rounds, then gradually less, until a number of years ago it was sixteen. But now he does not chant on beads."(TKG's Diary: 68).

(b) Although it was Ekadasi, Srila Prabhupada asked for Horlicks, which contains ingredients that are derived from grains. (TKG's Diary: 201)

(c) He had me put snuff near him, of which he also availed himself. (TKG's Diary: 204)

(d) Unfortunately, Upendra mistook champagne for lemonade, and he fed Srila Prabhupada the champagne. Prabhupada drank a little and motioned that he was satisfied." (TKG's Diary: 192)

Here's Tamal Krsna's ORDINARY PRABHUPADA:-

(a) During the gurukula kirtan, Prabhupada is drooling more and more. (TKG's Diary: 58)

(b) Prabhupada was speaking to Bhavananda Maharaja (Bacis) and looking at him said, "Just now I am forgetting your name. This is the position." (TKG's Diary: 266)

(c) Prabhupada has difficulty hearing correspondence. Very often, he falls asleep in the middle of a letter. (TKG's Diary: 198)

(d) Today while listening to Jayadvita read, Prabhupada fell asleep..." (TKG's Diary: 285)

(e) In the case of Mr. Meyer, I had originally thought I should deal with him myself and not tax Srila Prabhupada. But gradually, I had begun to feel that this man was a little special and deserved special attention. Prabhupada however, had to strain to think the whole matter out, and I saw now that I should not have bothered him." (TKG's Diary: 73)

(f) In the afternoon Srila Prabhupada felt lonely and unhappy, so he asked us all to come to him. (TKG's Diary: 297)

(g) Srila Prabhupada had difficulty seeing, so I helped him sign by putting his hand in the proper place. (TKG's Diary: 329)

(h) It failed mainly because Srila Prabhupada was expected to subject himself to cold, a procedure he did not like at all. Otherwise, the treatment might have worked. (TKG's Diary: 97)

(i) He passed urine from bed, into a bed pan. (TKG's Diary: 195)

(j) Srila Prabhupada: "I have not studied all the Vedas and Upanisads. I have read only Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam." (TKG's Diary:)

Ask yourself;  Why did Tamal Krsna write all this nonsense?  Was he glorifying His Divine Grace?  Or is it envy, malice and ill will?  Please take time to read: Editorials- BIF Updates. "Tamal Uncovered,"  you will discover a whole lot more.

>>For how many vaisnava-aparadhas am I responsible?.....[....]....,The farce, 'the poisoning of Prabhupada', has dramatized the effects of rampant vaisnava aparadha that periodically plagues our society.....[....].....we may have become desensitized to vaisnava-aparadha.<< 

If Devamrita truly cared about vaisnava-aparadha, he would have blown the whistle on Keith Ham (Kirtanananda)  long before people got killed and babies got raped.  Truth is, he didn't let on.  Even to the end, he was supporting Ham.  And, if Devamrita claims he didn't know what Ham was upto, what makes him think he knows what's going on here?   Anyway, we are tick-to-the-teeth with this "vaisnava aparadha."  It is now an identified demon's domino.  For two-and-a-half decades, ISKCON has been infiltrated by a life-form that is alien, nay, directly opposed to the tenets of righteousness.  Using "vaisnava aparadha" as a latch-key to hierarchy, and a shield for perpetual villainy, they have practically destroyed the sacred altars of Bhakti.  Elected to the Vyasasana by others of their legion, they mutate sastra for mooched minions while gorging oblations to God and Guru.  But when the doors the darkness ... where they stand naked......Dare anyone point the 'inadvertent three fingers'.  The GBC owns ISKCON, and that's 90% of the law.  The other 10% is hardly relevant.  Here is a tiny portion of the 90% stranglehold, or how the ISKCON 'vaisnava aparadha' process works:- Iskcon Law No: 12.8  ".......and however much he may be dissatisfied with the exercise of that jurisdiction, he shall refrain from invoking the supervisory power of the Civil Court, but shall seek redress of any grievance(s) through the ISKCON judicial process. Otherwise, he may be removed from office and / or his membership in ISKCON terminated.(88)."   
Furthermore, Sri Krsna did say, " Even if one commits the most abominable actions,....(BG 9-30), so this is interpreted as permission to bump-n-grind until some asking-for-it spiritualist causes ' vaisnava aparadha' by exposure.  What follows is a suspension for indiscretion, followed by reinstatement.  If however, indiscretions are repeated, it simply means that the perpetrator is incapable of performing.  He is demoted to prompter.  From the wings he must watch his cloaked comrades play at being God.  Should anyone from the audience throw rotten eggs or tomatoes,  it is the onus of the wingers and performers to scream in unison, "Vaisnava aparadha!!" or the circus moves on without them.

>>Never forget Prabhupada's declaration in November, 1977 - the very last few days of his stay in this world. Devotees told him he was about to drive them mad from attachment steeped in anxiety. Prabhupada turned to his Godbrother Niskincana Krsnadasa Babaji and said, "just see how much affection they have for me." We will never allow conniving minds to sully the effulgence of this divine passing.<<

Yes!Yes! Yes!  We are constantly reminded about this one line (SP: Babaji Maharaja, dekhchen to era kirom bhabe, bhalobashe (T-46/B)).  Bhakticaru pushed it, Tamal oversold it,  Bhavananda washed it in crocodile tears, and now the wanna-be's are etching it in stone.  Firstly, Devamrita is going off the deep end again.  He is making out like there was a chorus of "devotees' involved, actually it was Tamal Krsna alone who said, "Tonight we were becoming mad." (T-46/B).  But then again, as we have shown, Tamal Krsna said so many things that betray his true emotions.  However, our concerns lie with why, if in fact there was any affection, nothing was done when Srila Prabhupada told Tamal Krsna and Co. that he was being poisoned?   Also, it is very interesting to note that Devamrita refers to Krsnadasa Babaji as "Niskincana."   Interesting in that, when His Divine Grace mentioned somebody said he had been poisoned, Tamal Krsna wanted to know who had informed.  Tamal Krsna's first suspect was ' Niskincana Krsnadas Babaji Maharaja' (T-44/A).  If the information was as bogus as the GBC would like us to think, why did Tamal connect it to a Niskincana Bhakta?   Tell it walking mate. 
>>The pastime of Krishna's sena-pati bhakta departing will always remain our fountain of spiritual vitality and determination.<<
Devamrita, like his colleagues, remains under the illusion that His Divine Grace has 'departed.'  They will never understand the ten thousand year prediction.  Soon Devamrita and his pseudo gods will 'depart.'  Nothing will remain of this life except a lump on the earth.  When people see these lumps they will wonder, "Was he also involved with the murder of Krsna's senapati bhakta ?"  And that, as they say, will be his lot.
>>Devamrita Swami<<

At least he hasn't himself signed off with "Your Servant," or the politically correct, "Ever Well Wisher."   We appreciate this, because we know Devamrita is his own servant and no one else's.  He is also (only because of GBC protection) one of the most confrontational people around.   He once insulted our mother and sister by saying, ' women were toilets'.  BIF is hoping that this 'swami' will come to our ballpark for a hit.  He will find it an even playing-field, straight vanilla, and no bogus upadhi or political protection. Dandavats & Pranams YS BIF.